Recover WeChat Messages Selectively


If you use WeChat a lot, the thing you mostly want back when you iPhone crashes or get damaged accidentally must be the WeChat messages. However, the WeChat app developed by Tecent does not provide service of cloud storage any more, meaning there is no chance to recover the WeChat messages through downloading from cloud storage. Continue reading

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted WeChat Messages?


It’s a sad story but not really a disaster. I have an iPhone 5s and accidentally deleted all the WeChat messages back and forth with one of my contacts. I thought I select what I don’t want to delete only to find that part of the conversations with this person which I still need were gone. Continue reading

Get Back Automatically Deleted Messages from iPhone


One of our customers complained to me a few days ago in the email that some of his iPhone messages disappeared with no good reason at all, he never deleted messages manually, and never restored the iPhone. He wanted the disappeared messages back and wondered whether there was some way to recover the lost messages selectively. Continue reading