Selectively Restore iPhone Contacts from iTunes backup

“It’s a sad story but not really a disaster,My 4 year old son played my iPhone5S and deleted some important contacts on my iPhone,I have no idea about it until i was going to called a friend but unable to find it in my contacts. I even don’t know how many contacts have been deleted on my iPhone5S. I have a backup in iTunes that was about two weeks old. I know I can recover the deleted contacts from backup,but I really don’t want to return my entire iPhone to its state as of two weeks ago by doing a restore from iPhone5s backup. I’ve added a lot of things to it since then and that would really mess things up. Is there anyway to selectively restore the deleted contacts from the iTunes backup? I’ve heard of backup extractor software which is available that can select to extract contacts from iTunes backup. Any recommendations for this?” ——Danniel asked on Apple forum Continue reading