How To Restore Contacts/Notes From iPhone After Update To iOS 8.3?


iOS 8.3 was released last week and after its release, new bugs come alone and some older bugs still have not fixed. Problems do exist when people update to the new iOS 8.3. One iPhone user wrote to me that during the update process, he lost some of his contacts and notes. He has an iTunes backup for his iPhone but he doesn’t want to restore the whole backup to his iPhone. He is wondering whether he could only restore contacts and notes from iTunes backup to his iPhone.  Continue reading

How To Restore Data From iTunes Or iCloud After Update To iOS 8.3?


The new iOS 8.3 was released and now, you can download and update your iPhone or iPad to the new iOS 8.3. Before update to iOS 8.3, remember to have an iTunes or iCloud backup for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, for when I read posts from apple community, I found that many users had data loss problems when after update to iOS 8.3. Continue reading