How to get back deleted notes from iPhone without backup?

Accidentally deleted a note from iPhone that you need, and you want to restore the deleted notes,however you don’t have a recent backup,you can not get back iPhone deleted notes from backup. Is there any way to recover deleted notes on iPhone without backup? The answer is yes.Thanks to iPhone Data Recovery, you can certainly get your deleted iPhone notes back.

iPhone Data Recovery can help you recover your deleted/lost notes on your iPhone even if you have no backup. It could directly scan your iPhone and extract the deleted notes with ease. iPhone data Recovery empowers you to recover deleted notes as well as contacts, messages, etc. of your iPhone, you can choose whatever you want to recover casually if you lost your iPhone data.With the help of iPhone Data Recovery,you can quickly complete all the operation steps in seconds.

If you have backup file,you can also extract and recover notes from backup

Download a free trial version of Windows&Mac, it allows you to preview and retrieve deleted notes from your iPhone/iPad/iPod:


How to Recover deleted Notes from iPhone Directly?

Here i take iPhone Data Recovery for Windows as an example.if you are Mac user,Please get Mac version and take the same operation as below.

Step 1 Connect your iPhone to your computer
Download and install the program, then run it on your computer. A main interface as follow will appear. Here choose”Recover from ios device”.

Step 2 Preview and recover deleted notes of iPhone
After you get the scan result, all data on your iPhone will displayed here,click on “notes” and you can take a glance of the found notes one by one,includes deleted notes and those still on your iPhone ,click the button “Only display deleted items” to show the deleted notes only.Mark what you want to recover and click “Recover”. With just one click, you can get back you deleted notes and save them on your computer.

Step 3 Edit and transfer notes back to iPhone 
If you want to transfer your deleted notes back to your iPhone, just tick off those you want and click “Transfer all selected to device” button on the bottom of the interface to synced those deleted notes back to your iPhone

Tip: You could do some edit before synced deleted notes back to iPhone. Choose one deleted Note, and click the“Edit” on the bottom right of the interface to edit and add the content of this note. Then click “Save” button to transfer the notes back to you iPhone.

That’s all; you have successfully recovered your deleted notes


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