How To Selectively Save SMS Messages Text Off iPhone?


As it is known, Apple saves text messages in its iPhone backups, whether they’re saved locally on PC or whether they’re part of an iCloud backup — which you should have. That’s good! Unfortunately, they’re not readable, even though you can access them through the file system. Continue reading

Save iPhone 6s Messages to Computer for Backup Before Restoring from iCloud


I switched from my iPhone 5S to the 6S.  My screen cracked on my new 6S and I went to the Apple Store to get it fixed .They said for the price of the screen they’ll just give me a new phone and swap it So, I backed up my phone in the store to the iCloud back up and restored to the new phone. My text messages were not there. After three representatives we found out that there is nothing I can do except go back to the original five as back up that was three weeks old They even sent me an email from the engineers saying there’s nothing they can do about this. Continue reading