How To Extract Photos From A Water Damaged iPhone 5S?


Hey,I went in vacation and i had a waterproof case for iPhone 5S. I decided to use it with my iPhone 5s . the screen of the waterproof case started to get some steam so i decided to put my phone in my bag. 5 hours later, i take my phone and it doesn’t work . it has blue lines every where on the screen . so i put in rice for 72 hours but it still makes the same lines. i took at least 100 pictures and i would like to retrieve them. please anybody help please please please

It was supposed to have a nice vacation for this user but unluckily, he just lost all photos because iPhone 5S was water-damaged. We are truly sorry to hear that but there may be chances for this user to extract those photos from his water-damaged iPhone 5SContinue reading