iTunes Can’t Be Accessed On The Computer. How To Solve?

If you can’t open iTunes, download content, sync your device, or use Home Sharing, your security software might be the cause. Just keep reading to get more info.

Part one: How to solve the issue that iTunes won’t open on the computer?

fix the problem if itunes is not working on your computer

What might happen if your security software is causing an issue with iTunes?

  • Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch aren’t recognized in iTunes, or they won’t back up, restore, update, sync, or activate.
  • You see iTunes Errors 4, 6, 1630–1641, 3000–3999, or 9000–9999.
  • You can’t connect to iTunes Store to buy or download content.
  • iTunes won’t open.
  1. Before changing your security software’s setup:
  • Make sure that the date, time, and time zone are set correctly on your computer.
  • Log in using an administrator account, not a guest account.
  • Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes.
  • Update macOS or Windows.
  • Update your security software.
  1. Test your connectivity

Check your hosts file to make sure that it’s not blocking iTunes from communicating with Apple’s servers.

If you’re having issues using AirPlay, Home Sharing, iTunes, or Remote, test the connectivity between the computers or devices in your house. They should be connected to the same network and subnet in order to function properly.

  1. Test your security software

In some cases, it might be necessary to temporarily remove your security software to isolate an issue. Some Internet security apps don’t uninstall completely, so you might need to download and run a cleanup utility for your security software for it to be completely removed.

Work with your security software provider to allow the complete list of ports and services that Apple products use or if you need help with uninstalling their software.

Part two: How to back iPhone/iPad/iPod touch up if iTunes cannot open?

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If you’re intend to transfer data from device to your computer, you would set up to sync/back up your phone to computer running iTunes. This will back up almost everything for you. The downside, it is a service and your stuff is kept on some server somewhere that you have no control over…..If you’re looking for a software which will let you transfer specific data from an iOS device to a Mac or to a PC, iFonebox will be your best choice. Click here to see how to selectively back up your device.