How to Transfer Contacts from Old iPhone to New iPhone


If you are going to change your old iPhone for a new one, for example, from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s, the first thing you want to transfer to your new iPhone must be contacts. Actually there is more than one way to export contacts on your old iPhone to your new one. Here in this post I would like to introduce a couple of different ways to transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone. Continue reading

How To Recover Contacts Back To iPhone 6 From iTunes?


I backed up my phone using iTunes then reset my iPhone 6. Now my contacts will not come back. I’ve lost them all. Can I recover contacts back to iPhone 6 from iTunes? Any assistance is appreciated. iPhone 6, iOS 8.3

Obviously, this user reset his iPhone 6 but he cannot restore contacts from his iTunes to iPhone. It is wise for him to back up his iPhone 6 with iTunes before upset. But he had difficulty in recovering contacts back to iPhone 6 from iTunes backup. Don’t panic. Here, I can share a method to help you recover contacts back to iPhone 6 from iTunes. Here we go.  Continue reading