Things You Need to Do before the iOS 9.1 Update


Every time a new version of iOS is released, you should be very careful to update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of iFonebox right away. There are a number of things you should learn before the updating.

Learn About the iOS 9.1 Update Tips

Please refer to the previous post to learn about the update tips including the live photos with intelligent sense and more than a hundred of emoji characters. These upgrade tips are aimed at those of you who are new to the iPhone and iOS but they might be useful to those of you that simply need some additional guidance with the iOS 9.1 update.

 Pay Attention to the Rising iOS 9.1 Problems

Though we are only a few days removed from the iOS 9.1 update, there are issues popping up on iPhones of different models. Early iOS 9.1 problems include installation issues, problems with battery life and Wi-Fi, issues with lag, and problems with applications. All of these problems are extremely common and we expect to hear more compliants as more people discover the iOS 9.1 update. There’s a good chance you won’t see anything after you upgrade but you’ll still want to do some prep work just to be sure.

 Get Acquired About the Fixes about iOS 9.1 Problems

iOS 9.1 problems are bound to pop up in the hours, days and weeks ahead so you should be prepared. Get familiar about the fixing solution about the iOS 9.1 keep them in mind after you’re done downloading and installing Apple’s iOS 9.1 update.

 Back Up your iDevice Properly Before Installing the iOS 9.1

Sync your iPhone or iPad to iTunes or iCloud to create backup in case something will go wrong in the process of updating. In case of iTunes or iCloud backup file will be damaged, you’d better back up the important data like contacts, notes, messages and photos etc from your iPhone or iPad to computer as readable file with iFonebox which is professional iOS data recovery software.

Free Up Space for the Latest iOS 9.1 Update

The installation will take up some space, please make sure there is enough storage space for the installation. You can delete some bulky files like photos and video to free up some space.

Retrieve Contacts Lost During iOS 9.1 updating to iPhone 

Back up your iPhone before iOS 9.1 update 

How to back up iPhone without iTunes or iCloud before update to iOS 9.1? 

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