Three Methods To Recover Lost WhatsApp Messages After Update To iOS 9


WhatsApp has become more and more popular, so after you update to iOS 9, have you ever lost some WhatsApp messages after update to iOS 9? I received an email from an iPhone user that he lost parts of WhatsApp messages and he needed those WhatsApp messages back. Do you have any good tips or suggestions to help his recover lost WhatsApp messages?

Usually, when you lose or delete some data from your iPhone or iPad, the first thing you need to do is to Open Settings on your iPhone and then, turn on Airplane mode to minimumly erase or overwrite data on your iDevice. Then, I will share three methods here to recover lost WhatsApp messages after update to iOS 9: from iTunes backup, from iCloud backup and from third party software. (If you want to selectively recover lost WhatsApp messages from backup, you can choose to use third party software)

Recover lost WhatsApp messages from iTunes backup after update to iOS 9

If you have an iTunes backup for your lost WhatsApp messages before update to iOS 9, then just follow steps here. Make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes.

Firstly, run iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer. Then you can choose your device to enter the main interface. Next, just click Restore Backup button in the middle part in your information page.  restore-from-itunes-backup

After all are done, the previous backup has been restored to your iPhone. This may erase some existing data on your iPhone or iPad.

Recover lost WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup after update to iOS 9

If you prefer to recover lost WhatsApp messages from iCloud backup, you can follow here. Firstly, you have to reset your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Reset  > Erase all content and settings. Then, the system will ask you to restore from iCloud backup once you have erased your iPhone.

This method is also easy to erase all data from your iPhone.

Recover lost WhatsApp messages selectively with third party software after update to iOS 9

When you don’t want to erase existing data on your iPhone and you need to selectively restore lost WhatsApp messages from backup, the third party software like iFonebox is just the best choice for you. As is known that iFonebox can not only recover deleted data like contacts, WhatsApp messages, Wechat messages, notes and more from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, but selectively extract and restore lost data from your iTunes or iCloud backup. Pretty professional.

Just go to download and install iFonebox free version: Win and Mac. Then, follow Restore Lost WhatsApp Messages From iTunes Or iCloud Backup to finish the whole process.


The above are three different methods to help you recover or restore lost WhatsApp messages after iPhone or iPad update to iOS 9. Here is a video shows you how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages:

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