Tips And Solutions To Fix iPhone Activation Error When iOS 11 Update


As iOS 11 is quite approaching, I think you need to learn some tips and solutions before just avoid the problems happening during the iOS 11 update. Last time, we have introduced methods to solve iMessages not working problem, today, I want to show you solutions to fix iPhone activation error as well as iPhone data loss problem.

iOS 11 Update Problem1: iPhone activation error after iOS 11 update

After you set up a new iPhone or after an iPhone update, you generally get the white “Hello” screen after which you have to activate the device. But sometimes you may fail to activate, in which case you should have to do it like below.

Fix iPhone activation error:

1. Activate via iTunes.

Download the latest iTunes, and connect the iOS device to the computer. Then select your device to find the activate screen, enter the Apple ID and password and click on ‘Continue.’

2. Release Activation Lock on iCloud.

Step 1. Turn off your devices firstly.
Step 2. Go to and enter your ID and password.
Step 3. Go to Find iPhone> All Devices, choose the device that can’t be activated and remove it by clicking on “Remove from Account.”
Step 4. Try activating the device again.

iOS 11 Update Problem 2: Data Lost after Update

It is risky to do everything including updating to iOS 11. Because it may let you lose some important data after updating to iOS 11. So, if you suffer from the trouble, you may get some help from iOS Data recovery which will let you retrieve deleted or lost data like contacts, text messages, notes, wechat messages, whatsapp data, wechat contacts, etc, from iPhone after update to iOS 11.

You can download and install iOS data recovery tool on your computer if need: Windows version and Mac version.


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