Tips to Reduce Usage on iPhone Running iOS 9


Numerous complaints of unusually high cellular data usage have been rising from people who have installed the iOS 9. If you have been suffering from the same problem, here are some tips to reduce the usage and cut you phone bills at the same time.

Turn Off Cellular Data Usage for iCloud

If you use iCloud to move files back and forth between devices, this could lead to higher than usual data fees. If you are working on a Pages document during your Uber ride, that means you’re using cell data. All those edits and changes are being saved to the cloud and using data during the process. So, if you can

1.Open Settings and go to iCloud.

2.In the iCloud section tap on iCloud once more

3. At the next screen scroll all the way to the bottom and disable “Use Cellular Data.”

Disable Wi-Fi Assist

Wi-Fi Assist can be just as harmful as it is helpful. When trying to supplement a weak Wi-Fi signal, Wi-Fi Assist uses Cellular Data to help with bad service. While this does help, you could unknowingly be using a bunch of data. To disable the feature:

1.Open the Settings app and find Cellular.

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom and slide the toggle for Wi-Fi Assist OFF.

Monitor or Disable Data Hungry Apps

This is more of a general tip. But there are certain apps that you use more than others. Some of these apps won’t consume data at all and others will. It’s always good to know which apps consume data, and more importantly if those apps even need access to cellular data.Be sure to prevent unnecessary, data hungry apps from using cellular data. Just toggle them off one-by-one.

Avoid Streaming High Quality Music

Apple has created the option to stream high quality music regardless of your being on Wi-Fi or cellular. Of course, the higher the quality, the larger the file. The larger the file, the more data is needed to stream it. So, if you are in a pinch with your data limits, you’ll want to turn this OFF.

1.Open Settings and head to Music

2. Find and disable High Quality on Cellular

If you really want to avoid data fees, you can also disable Use Cellular data. With this option disabled, you will only be able to stream Apple Music over Wi-Fi.

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