Tips To Set Reminders On Apple Watch


Previously, I have shared tips about how to view photos on Apple Watch and today, I want to show you tips to set reminders on your Apple Watch. You may have the question that there is no Reminder app on Apple Watch, how can that be done? No Reminder app doesn’t mean you cannot set reminders on your Apple Watch. Here we go. 

You may have noticed that the Apple Watch does not have a Reminders app. That doesn’t mean you can’t make use of the iOS app. You can address reminders when you receive a notification. Scroll to the bottom of the reminder and either Snooze, Complete, or Dismiss it.

To create a reminder, just ask Siri. Say something like, “Set a reminder when I leave the house to get milk,” or “Remind me to check the slow cooker at 4:00.” The reminder will sync across your devices where you can later edit it if you need to.


With help from Siri, it is easy and convenient to create quick reminders right on Apple Watch. If you want to know how to add calendars on your Apple Watch, read the following article.

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