Top 4 Different Ways To Back Up iPhone Notes


As one of the core apps preinstalled on iPhone, the Notes App plays important role in our daily life and work. We use take notes about every thing that we would like to keep for knowledge extension or work scheduling. Losing the iPhone notes will mess up our life and work. The best way to guard against accidental deletion or losing is to back all the notes up. Today I would like to introduce a couple of different ways to back up iPhone notes. 

Save iPhone Notes to Gmail

If you have Gmail account and you use it religiously and want to access notes from your Gmail account on any computer, be it a Mac or Windows machine, you are in luck. Here I would like to show you how to sync and back up iPhone notes to your Gmail account.
> open up the Settings app and then scroll down and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Up toward the top, tap on Add Account.
> Choose Google from the list of available options including Google, Yahoo, AOL and Outlook.
> Type in your name, email address, and the password to your Gmail account.
> Tap Next in the upper-right corner when you’re done and iOS will verify the information.
> You will be guided to select the information that you want synced, including your email, contacts, calendar and any notes after verification.
> Select Notes in the list to make sure your iPhone notes will get synced.
Note: If you want other options get synced, please feel free to select them as you would like.
> Tap on Save in the upper-right corner.


Back Up iPhone Notes to Computer Selectively with iFonebox

There are dozens of iPhone data recovery software that can export and transfer iPhone notes selectively to computer for backup. iFonebox is such kind of iPhone data recovery software. Here are detailed steps about how to export iPhone notes from iPhone selectively and transfer to computer for backup.

> Install and run iFonebox.
Note: iFonebox is available for both Windows and Mac, please choose the right version to download and install.
> Connect your iPhone to computer.
> Click “Start” after your iPhone is recognized by iFonebox.
> Choose Notes to scan selectively by clicking on the icon for Notes app from the interface listing all the supported data categories.
> After the data scanning and analyzing is finished, all the notes items will be presented in a list for previewing and selecting.
> Please choose all the items to transfer or simply choose whatever you want to recover and transfer to computer for backing up.


Back Up iPhone Notes to iTunes

 If you give a fig about that iTunes backup file is not a readable file, you can back up your iPhone to iTunes and create a backup file which will include the notes obviously.

> Open iTunes and connect your device to your computer.
> Click on your device after it is recognized by iFonebox.
> Click on Summary tab.
> Locate the button “Back Up Now”. If you are using Mac, please choose click File > Devices > Back up.

After the backing up, you can check the back up file by clicking iTunes Preferences > Devices. You should see the name of your device with the date and time that iTunes created the backup.

Back Up Notes to iCloud

If you would like to back up notes to iCloud, you can access all your iPhone notes through or any other devices you have logged into your iCoud account.

All you need to do is enable the notes syncing to iCloud by heading to Settings > iCloud and turn on switch on the option of Notes.

Or you can create an iCloud backup file which will include all the iPhone notes currently on the iPhone. Make sure there is enough iCloud storage and you are in a stable and fast network connection. Here is how.

> Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.
> In iOS 8 or later, tap Settings > iCloud > Backup.
> Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on.
> Tap Back Up Now. Stay connected to your Wi-Fi network until the process completes.
> Make sure the backup finished by tapping Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage, and then select your device.
> The backup you just made should appear in the details with the time and backup size.

You can access and access your iPhone notes through restoring iPhone or extract the iPhone notes from the iCloud backup selectively with third party utility like iFonebox.

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