Top 6 Tips And Tricks For iOS 11


As iOS 11 will be released this September with new iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, here, I have collected top 6 tips and tricks for you to better experience new features of iOS 11, pretty amazing. 

Instant WiFi Sharing

Say goodbye to the age-old technique of typing WiFi passwords to access a network. With iOS 11, you can easily share WiFi passwords from one device to another wirelessly. After entering the range of a new WiFi network, simply hold your phone nearby an unlocked iOS 11 device that is already connected to the same network. This will send a request to this device. After granting the request, you will receive the password over-the-air and can connect to the new WiFi network on the go.

Offloading of Apps

To let iOS 11 users manage the storage on their device, Apple has come up with an easy solution. Now, users can simply get rid of unused apps while retaining its data. By offloading an app, you would be able to remove it from your device to get more space. Though, you can also reinstall it in the future and use it without experiencing any data loss.

Simply turn on the feature of Offload Apps on iPhone storage. Now, visit the app you wish to offload and simply tap on the “Offload App” button. This will let you manage the storage on your device easily.

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Screen Recording

For a very long time, Apple users were facing trouble to record the screen activity on their device. Finally, with iOS 11, they can record the activity on their device’s screen with a single tap. The control center has an option for Screen Recording. All you got to do is tap on this button to start recording. When you are done recording, tap on the blue bar (at the top of the screen) to stop it. Your video recording will be saved on your device storage.

Type Commands to Siri

Yes. You have read it right. Now, you can access Siri without the need of providing voice commands. For years, the AI-enabled assistant could process only voice commands. Now, you can also type anything to Siri to seek its assistance without giving any voice command. To do so, just enter Siri’s interface and type anything you want to ask.

Do not Disturb while Driving Mode

To make sure that its users drive responsibly, Apple has come up with this remarkable feature. Considered as one of the best iOS 11 tips, it can help you drive safely without getting distracted by your mobile. Simply put your phone on the “Do not Disturb while Driving” mode and stop receiving unnecessary notifications.

Customized Control Center

This is one of the most evident iOS 11 features that you must have noticed while using iOS 11 for the first time. This was a much-needed feature that plenty of Apple followers were already waiting for. Now, you can easily customize the Control Center on your device.

Simply go to your device’s Settings > Control Center to add or remove various shortcuts on it. Also, you can simply drag and drop the provided sections in order to rearrange these options and customize your smartphone experience.

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