Unable To Restore From A Previous iCloud backup? Here Are The Solutions!

I want to restore iPhone from iCloud backup, but whatever one I pick, error message “cannot restore from backup” appears. Is there any fix to it? Can someone help me?

You may be told that you should always have a current backup of your iPhone/ iPad so that if it’s dead, lost, stolen, or liquid damaged, you can restore all of your data and apps to a fresh device. Generally, backing up to iCloud is easy and automatic because once you enable iCloud backup, it will automatically back up for you whenever you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. But then again, successfully restoring iCloud backups is not an easy task, this can take a considerable amount of time and there is likely to be some error codes during the progress. If this happens, you could follow the steps as below.

Method one: General troubleshooting of restoring an iCloud backup

get help restoring from a previous icloud backup

  • Confirm that you have a backup available.
  • Make sure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Make sure that there’s enough available space on your device. To free up more storage space, you could manually delete some data that you don’t need.
  • Restart your device.
  • Erase the device and try to restore from your iCloud backup again.
  • If you still need help, contact Apple Support.

Method two: Safely extract files from iCloud backup via iFonebox

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Theoretically, restoring a backup will replace existing data. That means, when you restore from a previous backup, whatever content included in the backup will replace the content currently on your device. Fortunately, there’re some programs developed to extract specific data from iCloud backup without restoring and iFonebox is just a well-known one. You can download the program to your computer and follow the steps to download part of your iCloud backup without changing anything on your device.

windows-download   mac-download

Step one: Run iFonebox and enter your Apple ID

Run the program, then just click the “Recover from iCloud Backup” at the top right of the software. You’ll be asked to sign in with your Apple ID account and password correctly.

Recover from iCloud1

Step two: Download data from iCloud backup

After you have selected an iCloud backup to download, it will start the downloading process. You can select all to download.

Recover from icloud3

Step three: Scan data

Click on “Messages” icon to start scanning automatically. It will take some time, you should wait patiently.

recover from icloud backup2 500

Step four: Preview and download data

Now you can select the messages you want and click “Recover to pc”, then the instruction is accomplished.

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