Export iPhone’s call logs to computer for storage

As we all know iPhone will delete call history automatically when the call log reaches a certain number,so if you make many calls during the day,Maybe just a few days later you are unable to find the previous call records.Many iPhone users have the need of export the call logs from iPhone to computer for storage,So that they can even browse call records one year ago on computer.
Is there any way to export the call logs from iPhone to computer? How to copy/transfer iPhone call logs to pc?  the answer is  iPhone call history recovery software. just a few clicks ,you can quickly export your iPhone call history to computer with a trust worthy iPhone call history recovery software. Continue reading

How to share a Photo Stream with people not using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Photo Stream not only gives you an amazingly convenient way to wirelessly back up your photos and access them across all your Apple devices, it also gives you a way to easily share them with your friends and family. Thanks to iCloud, you can even use shared Photo Streams to comment and collaborate with other iPhone and iPad owners. But what if your friends and family aren’t using iPhones, iPads, or Macs?  Continue reading

How to Retrieve Notes from Backup without Restoring the whole backup

“Yesterday, i found SOME important notes missing when i upgraded my iPhone 4S,not all.i need get the missing iPhone notes back,what can i do? is there any way to retrieve notes from my backup without actually restoring the whole backup.” Continue reading

How to quickly delete photos and videos to free up storage on your iPhone or iPad

Almost every  iPhone/iPad use will meet the situation of uselessly photos and videos eating up a ton of your storage space in your iPhone/iPad. If you have only 8GB or 16GB, or even 32GB there can come a time when you have to delete the old photos and videos on your iPhone or iPad in order to free up space for the new ones. You might even have to do it regularly! Luckily, Apple makes it fairly easy to delete large batches of photos or videos and reclaim your storage space! Continue reading

How to Transfer/Copy Contacts,Photos from screen broken iPhone4 to PC

“My iPhone4 was dropped and suddenly the touch screen broken and stopped working.the phone seems to work perfectly however can’t press anything to answer the calls etc. i am welling to buy a new iPhone however want to transfer my contacts to PC for backup, is it possible? any idea about any app or program that can transfer/copy my iPhone4 contacts ?!!” Continue reading

How to Stop the Annoying “Trust This Computer” message in iPhone/iPad


After updating to iOS 7, many Windows users have reported that they are constantly getting the ‘Trust this computer” message pop up even after selecting ‘Trust’ when plugging in their iPhone or iPad. Here is a list of common fixes to resolve this annoying message. The first step you should try is to update your iTunes.

Continue reading

How to Recover Deleted Calendar Events on iPhone

“i just have really important meetings in my calendar evenys and now for some reason they were deleted by accident.What’s worse, i haven’t synced my calendar,so i have no chance to restore calendar from backup. Anyone else experience this and know how to recover deleted calendar events. I don’t mind if my past events are being deleted, but I just want to recover the future events that have been deleted.” Continue reading

How to use Notes app on iPhone and iPad

Apple Notes is a useful app for keeping recipes, information you might want to ‘jot down’, while students may use it for homework assignments. Its application is broad, a notebook for all of your thoughts that can easily backup and access on your computer. Say goodbye to pen and paper. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get starting using the Notes app on iPhone and iPad.  Continue reading