How to Find lost contacts and synced them back to iPhone 4S on Mac

Some important contacts were lost on your iPhone 4S? Deleted a phone number of a friend or co-worker by careless? All of this may be fine if you have backup your iPhone4s before the contacts lost, you can restore from backup to recover lost contacts number. (How to only retrieve the deleted contacts from backup and without restore the whole iPhone). If you didn’t have backup, what should you do to find back the lost contacts on your iPhone 4S?  Continue reading

Things to Do When You Drop Your iPhone in Water

“Is there an easy way to dry an iPhone out after getting wet? Yesterday my iPhone 5S got knocked into the swimming pool. After getting it out of the water I shook the water out of it best as I could then left sit to dry. Sat all day. It still doesn’t work…” have you ever encounter such situation? What should you do when your iPhone drop in water? What is the easiest way to dry an iPhone out after getting water damaged

Here is exactly what I did, and what I learned from the process of saving an iPhone from extensive water exposure with the good old rice bag trick. The result is a completely functioning iPhone with zero water damage.(How to Recover Data from Water Damaged iPhoneContinue reading

Report claims iPhone 6 will go on sale between September 16th and September 19th

While it is widely expected that Apple will unveil the oft-rumored iPhone 6 at a September 9th media event, in years past there has always been a certain number of days between the announcement and release date of the smartphone.This year around. a report claims that the iPhone 6 will go on sale during the third week of September.  Continue reading

Save space on your iPhone or iPad: Top 10 tips

Remove unwanted apps and free up space on your ios device with our tips and tricks for saving memory on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to take a photo or record a video to be greeted by a dialog which states that your iOS device has run out of storage. So how do you fix that? What are the best ways to free up some coveted space? here we’ve put together a list of  simplest and most effective ways – to save memory on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Top 10 Space Saving Tips

1 Delete apps 
The most obvious place to begin your spring clean is with your apps. Navigate through your home screen and pinpoint apps that you don’t use or need anymore. Press and hold the app icon until it wriggles. Tap the cross icon in the top left-hand corner and voilà!
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Save voice notes from iPod touch 5 to Mac without iTunes

Trying to sync my recently recorded voice notes/memos to macbook from my iPod touch but they are not syncing. Never had this issue before. I’ve turned it on and off and unchecked and checked. Nothing is working. There have a large number of voice memos in my iPod touch 5, is there a quick way to transfer/save voice notes from iPod touch 5 to Mac without iTunes?  Continue reading

How to Retrieve iPhone 5S Deleted Photos from backup in External Drive

In order to save space on my computer, I transfer the iTunes backups for my iPhone 5S and iPad 3 to an external drive for storage. Yesterday, my son played my iPhone 5s and removed some very important photos by careless, as iPhone has no trash can, I cannot recover the deleted photos, the only way to get back deleted photos is retrieve them from iTunes backup. But I don’t know How to retrieve backup for my Photos from my external hard drive. I don’t want to restore my iPhone from the last backup; it would erase some current data. Is there any way to only recover the deleted photos from external drive?  Continue reading

How to move your iPhone/iPad backups to an external drive

when you sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on your Mac, the first thing iTunes does is backup your ios device data (unless you’ve told it not to). Depending on the size of your device and how much data you have stored on it, this can occupy dozens of gigabytes of space. Did you know you can transfer those backups to an external hard drive? You can, and we can walk you through how.  Continue reading

Ways to retrieve deleted/lost SMS messages on iPhone


My messages are being deleted from my iPhone 4S by themselves. Specifically, I sent messages with my girl friend everyday, this month have sent over 300 messages. However, today, I found most of the old messages from my girl friend were missing. I haven’t deleted any of the older ones. These sweet messages are our wonderful memories. I must find them back, is there a way to recover these lost older messages on my iPhone 4S?  Continue reading