How to Retrieve Accidental Deleted Call logs on iPhone 6, 5S

retrieve deleted call logs & historys from iPhone 6
” I was going to delete a call and I click “clear” button to deleted the entire call logs on my iPhone 6 by accident, i need get back some of the call historys that I haven’t save the phone numbers. Is it possible to recover the accidental deletetd call logs on my iPhone 6Continue reading

How to Back up and Restore your Mac with Time Machine

Time Machine is OS X Yosemite‘s “OS X 10.10 Yosemite reviews, features, apps, help, and how-to”)’s built-in backup software. It was introduced with OS X 10.5 Leopard and has been there ever since. If you’ve never used it, please start. Time Machine is absolutely the easiest way to back up your Mac, and is great for recovering individual files you’ve deleted or restoring your entire hard drive in the event of a catastrophe.  Continue reading

Reminder list disappear on ipad mini,how to recover?

“I found the schedule reminder list all disappeared from my ipad mini, my little son has played my iPad this morning, i think may be he deleted them. As the deleted reminder items are important, I must recover them, need helps!!!” Continue reading

iOS 8 GMT Bug Causing Synced Calendar Entries To Show Wrong Time Zone

A growing number of users on Apple’s support forums are reporting an issue with iOS 8 and the time zones of synced calendar events, reports Forbes. Known by users as the “GMT bug,” the issue is causing confusion as calendar events sometimes see a secondary time zone (frequently GMT) added on.

On Apple’s support forum, there are nearly 600 responses to a problem with Apple’s handling of time zone in Calendar events that are synced via a service like Google or Microsoft Exchange. Continue reading

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages off iPhone 5c

“I am looking for a software that can help to recover deleted SMS from iPhone 5c. I have iTunes backup, but I don’t want iTunes import all contents to my iPhone 5c. I heared that the third-party software could help, but i tried several software all failed. How do I retrieve deleted text messages off my iPhone 5c that have been deleted?” Continue reading

How to Move old files from PC to new Mac.

Move data files from windows pc to Mac
If you’ve just bought your first Mac and you’re switching from a Windows PC, congratulations! Welcome to the fold. You’re anxious to use your Mac, but you’ve amassed years of data on that PC. Switching platforms doesn’t mean starting over: You can still use those old files. Apple makes it easy with a free utility called Migration Assistant. Here’s how it works to move files from PC to Mac.  Continue reading

Two ways to Recover lost iPhone contacts After change Apple ID

“My husband and I wanted to set our devices up for family sharing and I was under his apple id. I changed my apple id then I had almost nothing in my contact list. All of my contacts are lost. I am now trying to restore the phone from my backup on the computer but keep getting iTunes message that there is not enough free space despite having plenty. Help! how can i get back my lost contact list on my iPhone 5 after change apple ID and restore from backup failed?” Continue reading