How To Recover Photos Lost After iPhone Screen Replacement?


“My iPhone 5 has been pretty good to me over the last year or so, but then the screen shattered. It still worked so dealt with it but I decided to fix it, and well everything went perfectly, I have a beautiful screen now. But, one issue. All 1300 of my photos and videos are gone. Missing. Nothing. Nada. They’re my life, my connection to all of my memories. Continue reading

Back Up Your iPhone Before Sending It for Repair


A lot of people are complaining on the Apple Support Forum about losing data after sending their iPhones for repair. They just get screen replaced and all the photos are gone and cannot figure out why. I am going to talk about how to recover the lost photos after the repair later. Here in this post, I would like to share how to back up everything on your iPhone before sending it for repair.  Continue reading

How to Recover iPhone SMS Messages Missing After Repair?


“I have a iPhone 5c, the screen and touch was damaged due to a drop. I had the screen replaced several weeks later and the touch both work with out issues now but I had approx 250+ SMS and some missed calls, now after restarting the phone without opening the message app or phone app they are all gone. running IOS 9.1, i’ve tried restarting the phone again, and removing the sim and replacing, nothing seems to work. Any ideas?” Continue reading

Top 5 iPhone Contacts Data Recovery Software


When you lose your contacts from your iPhone, whether it is deleted by mistake or lost due iPhone damage or the contacts just disappear from your iPhone with no good reason at all, you will be desperate for a way to help you recover the lost or deleted iPhone contacts. Continue reading

Difference Between iCloud Backup and iCloud Drive


From CNET: For many an iPhone or iPad user accustomed to syncing their devices to their desktops or laptops, the 2011 arrival of Apple’s iCloud service created no small amount of head-scratching. No more syncing? iCloud backs up everything or just some things? What about photos? And do apps like Facebook really need to be backed up to the cloud? Continue reading

How To Get Back Deleted iPhone Text Messages Conversation


When you are mad at some one, especially someone you are in a relationship with, you are always tempered to deleted the entire conversation with him or her. In most cases, you will regret abut doing so and want to get back the deleted conversation just for future memory. Thankfully, there are a couple of different ways that can help you restore the deleted conversation text messages. Continue reading

How To Backup Your iPhone or iPad in Different Ways


Losing data from iPhone or iPad is almost unavoidable. The precious iDevice can drop  to the toilet,  hits the ground, shatters to pieces, what is worse, you will lose the majority of your data on the device in most cases. Thankfully, we have services like iCloud that automatically backup your data, making it easily retrievable in the case of a shattered or damaged smartphone. Continue reading