How To Recover Lost Messages after iOS 9.3 update?


The iOS 9.3 release is getting closer but many important details are still shrouded in mystery. While we wait for more information from Apple, we would like to offer a solution in case that you lose or delete your messages texts from your iPhone by accidents and want to retrieve them to your iPhoneContinue reading

How To Recover Deleted SMS Messages Directly from iPhone?


SMS Messages on your iPhone that have been deleted from iPhone by mistake can be recovered directly from your iPhone even if you have no iTunes nor iCoud backup file at all. Sounds unbelievable, right? As long as you didn’t try to restore your iPhone and erased everything, you can recover the deleted messages text selectively and directly from iPhone with third party iPhone data recovery software.  Continue reading

How to Recover Data after Setting iPhone to 1970


“I bricked my iphone accidentaly by change time to 1970 jan 1st. What should i do to not lose anything from it? I saw it on a trustful site, so i did it. that was a horrible mistake. it really outrageous. pls someone help what should i do?  iPhone 6s, iOS 9.2.1”  Continue reading

How to Transfer Contacts from Macbook to iPhone?


Is there any straightforward way to sync the contacts from Macbook to iPhone? There are a lot of people are trying to seek a solution to transfer contacts from Macbook to iPhone on the Apple support forum. Actually it is easy enough to sync contacts from Mac computer to iPhone and there are a couple of different ways. Continue reading

How to Transfer Call History from iPone to Computer?

“I have an iPhone 6, I have been deleted my iPhone 6 Call history by mistake recenty, now I want to restore my deleted Call history from my iPhone 6 on my Mac computer, can you give me some advice about how to recover my deleted call history from my iPhone 6?”
Continue reading

How to Recover Missing Contacts Caused after iCloud Restore?

“Yesterday setup a new Iphone from a recent Icloud backup. The setup was fairly smooth and successful. Today I notice that the contacts with whom I have been talking and texting yesterday are missing. Later realised many of my contacts are missing. So I erased all the contents and took the same backup again. Voila ! I got all my contacts back. But within 10mins I lost some contacts again. Not sure why this is happenning. Can anyone help me on restoring all my contacts and break this deletion process ?  iPhone 5s, iOS 9.2” 
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How To Recover Deleted iMessage Text Conversation?


I have a iphone 6s running iOS version 9.2.1 with 128GB capacity. I carry on many iMessage conversations with friends and contacts, especially with my wife. Well, I just received a message from her and when I opened the conversation, the top of the conversation showed “iMessage Today” and the time. I tried to scroll up, but the conversation wouldn’t move. I quickly realized that it appeared as though the conversation had been deleted. I clicked details, expecting to see some of the text iMessage conversation and they were all gone. I am 100% certain that i did not delete this conversation. Is there any way to recover the deleted text iMessage conversation? Continue reading

How to Transfer Contacts from Old iPhone to New iPhone


If you are going to change your old iPhone for a new one, for example, from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s, the first thing you want to transfer to your new iPhone must be contacts. Actually there is more than one way to export contacts on your old iPhone to your new one. Here in this post I would like to introduce a couple of different ways to transfer contacts from old iPhone to new iPhone. Continue reading

How to Transfer Text Messaegs from iPhone 6s Plus to Mac?


Though SMS text messages can be backed up to iTunes or iCloud, the independent messages item cannot be separated out for reading and printing. You cannot view the text messages unless you restore your iPhone from the previous backup to your iPhone 6s plus. Continue reading