How To Recover WhatsApp Messages on Damaged iPhone?


To the best of my knowledge,  it is terribly necessary to keep regular backup for your iPhone. Though we cannot prevent accidents such as iPhone get damaged from happening, we can prevent iPhone data like WhatsApp messages from losing. In case that your iPhone is damaged and you want to bring down the whatsapp messages on your iPhone, you can accomplish the task by recovering all the whatsapp text messages from iTunes backup file. Continue reading

As Tech Companies Look to Privacy, WhatsApp May Encrypt Its Calls


Messaging service WhatsApp could soon be encrypting voice calls made through its platform, according to a recent report in the Guardian. That comes as Apple continues its fight against helping the government access an iPhone used by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino, California, terror attacks. Continue reading

How To Export WhatsApp Text Conversation to Computer from iPhone?


Nowadays, we use WhatsApp so much that we always keep a long history of WhatsApp messages on our iPhone. Each text conversation of WhatsApp records how we get into a relationship, how we share sadness or happiness with friends and family, and how we learn from each other etc. All the WhatsApp messages are so important for us that we would like to keep a permanent record for future memory. Continue reading

How To Delete iPhone Messages Permanently and Safely?


There is no denying that in this day and age, we all have something on our iPhone that we never want to share with anyone else, for example, the text messages on our iPhone. So when we are determined to delete the text messages on our iPhone, it means that we want the text messages will be gone for good from our iPhone. In other words, we want to delete the text messages from iPhone permanently. Continue reading

How To Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iTunes or iCloud Backup

If you deleted some important WhatsApp messages from iPhone and realized later that you actually need them, what should you do? I understand that you must be desperate to find a way to undo the mistake and recover the deleted iPhone WhatsApp messages.  Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iPhone?


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messenger app among iPhone users and millions of people message friends and family through it. Therefore, the whatsapp messages history which records all the interesting things that you have shared with friends and family is so precious that you cannot afford losing them. Continue reading

How To Print Text Messages from iPhone?


As iPhone is one of the most popular invention in the world in the 21st century, we message each other more and more frequently. The messages are so important in our daily life and work that we cannot afford losing them. In addition to backing up all the messages to iTunes or iCloud, you can keep a physical record of all your messages, that is to print all the iPhone text messages. How, you may wonder, to print all the text messages from iPhone? Continue reading

How To Print Text Messages without iPhone?


What should you do if you want to print some of your iPhone messages and your iPhone is not at hand or unfortunately your iPhone is accidentally damaged? As long as you have backed up your iPhone to iTunes and created an iTunes backup file, you can extract all your iPhone text messages from the iTunes backup file selectively for printing. Continue reading

How To Delete Duplicated Contacts from iPhone?


Have you ever been confused by the duplicated contacts on your iPhone and knows no idea which one to choose while you just want to make a phone call? I truly understand the confusion. Worse still, the duplicated items make the whole address book seemed to be very disorganized and terribly hard to access a particular contact. Continue reading