How To Print Out My iPhone Contact List?


How do I print out my iPhone contact list? One iPhone user asked me such a question. Have you ever encountered with the same problem to print iPhone contacts? Usually, we will need to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer for print purpose, but it is quite inconvenient to send those contacts to computer one by one. Thus, is there any better way to print out iPhone contacts on computer? Absolutely yes. This article will show you more details about printing iPhone contacts.  Continue reading

How To Get Spam Numbers Back Once Deleted From iPhone?


I read a post from Apple forum that “I deleted some annoying spam numbers from my iPhone but now, I need to find them, is there any way to retrieve those deleted spam contacts from my iPhone? Please help.” In a word, how to get spam numbers back once deleted from iPhone?

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Retrieve Notes To iPhone From Deleted Email Account


Here is the post from our reader: “This morning I found all my notes are gone, how terrible! I don’t think I moved my notes or changed my iPhone settings. Oh, almost forgot, I deleted my email account last night, it must be the reason why I lost my notes, because I bound them together, what should I do now? How can I retrieve notes on iPhone from deleted email account?” Continue reading

How Can I Restore Only Old Messages From iCloud Backup?


How can I restore only old messages from iCloud backup? I have some old messages deleted from iPhone but now I need to look for some of them, I just got an iCloud backup for those deleted messages, can I get only old messages from iCloud backup? Please help, thanks very much.  Continue reading