How To Track Deleted Text Messages On iPhone?

retrieve deleted text messages on iphone

“I just deleted my text messages between my girlfriend and I from my iPhone 6 Plus. I didn’t mean to do that. I was just an accident. I don’t have any backup file with iCloud/iTunes either. Please help.”

How to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone? There is nothing worse than after losing important messages between your family, girlfriend, friends or colleagues. But don’t worry. This article will bring you a solution on finding missing text messages on iPhone. Whenever your text messages get deleted mistakenly or other reasons, keep in mind that turn on Airplane mode immediately or stop using your iPhone on the moment in case the new incoming data will replace your missing data. Otherwise, you will never get to recover those iPhone text messages if you still using your iPhone.

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To track deleted text messages, what you need is a professional iOS messages recovery tool – iFonebox. By using iFonebox, you are able to retrieve your deleted text messages either you have backup or not. There are 3 options to find missing text messages on iPhone: from device directly or from iTunes/iCloud backup. Besides text messages, iFonebox do support other text data such as notes, contacts and iMessages preview and edit before transfer back to your device. One more amazing feature of iFonebox is you are allowed to extract and recover your deleted text messages from iPhone backup files (iTunes/iCloud) selectively. Under the help of iFonebox, you will not face the risk of current data get overwritten when your restore from iTunes/iCloud backup. Next, methods and detailed steps will be explained to help you track deleted text messages on iPhone.

In order to begin recover iPhone text messages, you are required to download iFonebox on your PC/Mac in advance. There are 2 versions available: Windows version and Mac version.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On iPhone Without Backup
Step 1: Launch iFonebox
Run the software and select “Recover from iOS device” as your recovery mode after you run the software. Please do not forget to connect your phone with USB cable, you need to tap “Trust the computer” on your iPhone screen if this is the first time you connect your iPhone to PC. Then, click “Start” to begin.

Step 2: Scan Messages
Select “Messages” under “Text Data” column, and then click “Start Scan” button.

Step 3: Preview and Select
After done scanning, you can select “Only display the deleted items” to filter your results if you are looking for deleted messages. You are allowed to edit the deleted messages before recover. You may select “Recover to PC” or “Recover to device” depend on your need.

By now, deleted iPhone messages has been successfully recovered under the help of iFonebox. However, this tutorial guide is available for users who didn’t back up their messages earlier. If you have iTunes/iCloud backup earlier, you may click here to read another useful guide which showing how to extract and recover iPhone text messages from backup files.

How Do I Get My Pics If My iPhone Screen Is Black?

get picture off from black screen iphone

“My Iphone fell in water and shortly after the screen just blacked out. The weird thing is the phone still works but the screen doesn’t. I want my pictures back, do you have any ways to get back my pics? Was trying to connect to iTunes but it seems failed, I don’t know why. Please help. Thank you for the help.” –Catherine.

Is it possible to get pics off from black screen iPhone? Yes it is possible. It is upset when your iPhone screen turns black and you cannot do anything and yet your picture still remains inside. We all know that one picture can contain lots of precious memories. But if you have this situation, read this article will definitely help you a lot, because access and get data off from black screen iPhone can be done by a professional iOS extractor tool. However, this article will only mainly focus on guiding you how to get picture off from black screen iPhone with simple few clicks.

As mentioned above, we will introduce you a powerful program – iFonebox, which is able to help you to get pics off from black screen iPhone. Keep reading.

A Brief Introduction of iFonebox

  1. Built up with 3 types of recovery modes: Recover from iOS device; Recover from iTunes Backup File; Recover from iCloud Backup File
  2. Get back lost data when iPhone screen broken, black screen iPhone, water damaged, factory reset etc.
  3. Data recovery tool that allows you to recover as much as 16 types of data from iOS device.
  4. Supports extract and retrieve data from iTunes and iCloud backup files selectively.

How To Get Pics If My iPhone Screen Is Black?
To begin, you need to download iFonebox, bear in mind that iFonebox is currently support Windows and Mac version only, you may download based on your current PC version.
free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Get Picture Off From Black Screen iPhone By Using iTunes Backup Files

  1. After the installation of iFonebox has been done, launch it. You need to connect your iPhone with USB cable, select “Recover from iTunes Backup File”, and you will be able to view your iTunes backup file, and select the backup file you want to extract. If you do not find your backup file from the list, kindly click “Select more”, and choose your backup file from the other folder. Once you select the backup file, you can begin the photo recovery.
  2. Click on the “Photos” under “Media Data” and start scanning. Tips: the scanning process might take a little longer if you have large data on your backup file.
  3. You can preview and pick the photos you want to recover, tap “Recover to PC” on the bottom right of the interface. Selected photos will be recovered to the folder you chose in your computer.

Get Pics Off From Black Screen iPhone By Using iCloud Backup Files

  1. Launch iFonebox with device connected. Select “Recover from iCloud backup file”. Please log in your apple ID and password before proceed to next step.
  2. Select the backup files you want to recover and then click “Download”. Next, select “Photos” item from downloaded backup files and click start scan.
  3. After scanning, turn on the button “Only display the deleted” to narrow down the results if you only want to find pictures. Preview and select the pictures and tap “Recover to PC” button.2.0-win-recover-photos-itunes

By now, you should be able to access your pictures from black screen iPhone on your PC/Mac. Is it easy and simple? Besides photos, iFonebox able to help you to get up to 16 data off from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch too.

How Can I Save Audio Files Of WhatsApp To Folder On PC?

save whatsapp audio files to pc

“Hi there, I use WhatsApp to contact with my family and friends, and we often use voice messages instead of text messages. Can I save those audio files to my PC as a backup because those audio meant so much to me and some are important. Could you please help? Thank you very much.” – Jenny

It is often heard that iDevice users want to save WhatsApp audio files to their PC, so they can access and listen the audio messages directly plus as a backup on their PC. It is hardly to access the WhatsApp audio messages by other iPhone apps directly because WhatsApp stores audio files within its own isolated app storage. Does it means that there is no ways to transfer WhatsApp audio messages to PC? No! There are actually various approaches to export WhatsApp audio to PC. You are able to save WhatsApp audio files either using Email or iOS data transfer tool. Continue reading to find out how they work.

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Transfer WhatsApp Audio Files To Your PC via Email

Step 1. Select the voice message or multiple voice messages to be saved on your PC and share it using email.
Step 2. Tap the icon on the bottom right on your iPhone and then you will see “Mail” and then key in your email
Step 3. Go to your e-mail and check the mail that you received from yourself.
Step 4. Download the audio from your email and save them in the folder you have chosen in your PC, wait till it loads completely.

If you found this method is not convenient to transfer lots of WhatsApp audio files in one time. The following way is available for you to transfer multiple WhatsApp audio at the same time.

Export WhatsApp Audio To Your PC via iOS Data Transfer Tool

As mentioned above, the iOS data transfer tool in here is referred to iFonebox. A software which enables you to export and save WhatsApp audio messages you wanted at the same time. Firstly, you need to download iFonebox on your PC/Mac in order to begin to save your WhatsApp audio files to your PC.
free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Step 1: Run the software and connect your device
Launch and run iFonebox, select “Recover from iOS device” , connect your phone via USB cable, if this is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC, you need to choose Trust the computer on your iPhone screen. Next, click “Start” to scan your

Step 2: Scan “WhatsApp attachments”
The WhatsApp audio messages are stored in “WhatsApp Attachments”, therefore click “WhatsApp Attachments” icon under “Media Data” column and start attachment

Step 3: Preview and recover
After done scanning, you can preview and choose the WhatsApp audio messages, click “Recover to PC” button to export your WhatsApp audio messages to your computer. And now you are able to play the WhatsApp audio messages on your PC.whatsapp-attachments

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Apple iOS 10.2.1 Updated News

ios 10.2.1 update

Today, Apple has announced the release of iOS 10.2.1, which comes about 6 weeks after iOS 10.2 released. As usual, the new iOS update involve minor bug fixes. So what is the amazing update features for this coming iOS 10.2.1? Let’s recall back iOS 10.2 update, the updates included new TV app to replace Video app, new screen effects for messages, new wallpaper, new emoji characters and improve camera settings. New update is so tempting and everyone looking forward for it. If you lose your data while update to iOS 10.2.1, don’t worry, click here to get an iOS data recovery tool to get back your lost data.

Back to iOS 10.2.1 update, this coming update will have better security update in order to enhance your iDevice. Last time when iOS 9.3.5 update, that is a security issue could potentially expose contacts, emails, calls and text. Heard that this iOS 10.2.1 update will fix this to protect every iDevice users private and yet important privacy.

Other than security issue, I suspect that this coming update will fix the issue battery life 30% bug. I believe a lot of users has the battery life 30% and suddenly drop to 1% issue happen. However, this update hasn’t confirm yet, but since this could be one of the major issue that might decrease the performance of iDevice, probably Apple will try to diagnose this as soon as possible to improve the iDevice performance.

Any update else?
Nothing huge, but definitely “bug fix” for sure will be counted as one of it, it might be cannot be seen physically but it absolutely will enhance the iOS performance when you’re using your phone.

How to install the new iOS 10.2.1 update? There are 2 ways to install the new iOS 10.2.1 after released. One is connecting to iTunes and the other is downloading on iDevice itself by going Settings > General > Software Update. The iOS 10.2.1 size estimated 72MB therefore you will not need to clean out much space for this update. Additionally, this iOS 10.2.1 update available for: iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later, iPod Touch 6th generation and so.

It looks like Apple is faster and efficient on updating their iOS, it is like getting ready to publish the iOS 10.2.1 to the public. Can’t wait for the iOS 10.2.1 update now!

Recover Notes From Broken iPhone 6

restore notes from broken iphone

Question: “Hi, my iPhone 6 recently broke (screen crack and im not allow to use the touch screen) and I realized there are some important notes that I’ve made earlier, can I restore notes from broken iPhone? Please advise, thank you!” -Cherry

The question here: is that any possibility to restore notes from broken iPhone? Continue reading this guide to get the solution. Everyone knows that sometimes it is difficult to avoid accidents no matter how much you want to protect your iPhone, it may fall to the ground and the screen cracked (like the user above), it may drop into water and you couldn’t restart it again… Whatever the reason is, you are still able to recover your data inside your iPhone. Like the user above requesting method to recover notes from broken iPhone 6 due to some important notes still stuck inside her iPhone. So, is there any method to get back notes from a broken iPhone? Of course YES! This tutorial will guide you how to restore notes from broken iPhone from broken device directly.

In order to recover notes from broken iPhone 6, you definitely need a powerful and yet professional iPhone data recovery tool – iFonebox. What is iFonebox and Why iFonebox is chosen?

  1. Supports 3 recovery modes: Recover from iOS device, Recover from iTunes backup files & Recover from iCloud backup files
  2. Allows you to get back notes from broken iPhone from device directly.
  3. Allows you to extract deleted notes by using iTunes/iCloud backup selectively.
  4. Allows you to preview and edit notes before recovery
  5. Able to recover data from broken iPhone, factory reset, water damaged iPhone and others.

How to Recover Notes From Broken iPhone 6?
Firstly, it is essential for you to download this amazing iPhone data recovery tool – iFonebox to your computer. There are 2 version available which is Windows and Mac version
free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Secondly, launch iFonebox and plug in your iPhone 6. Select “Recover from iOS device” as your recovery mode and iFonebox will detect your iPhone. Then, click “Start” to begin. PS: this recovery mode is applicable for users who have connected with the PC earlier.

Thirdly, select “Notes” under “Text Data” column and then start to scan. When finish scanning, you are able to preview and select the notes you want to recover and click “Recover to PC”. Then now the notes in your broken iPhone 6 will be successfully save in your PC, and you can view them on your PC.

If your iPhone hasn’t connect with the PC you using before or you have iTunes/iCloud backup, you can click here >> to read another useful guide to get the solution of notes recovery from your broken iPhone. In summary, iFonebox is such a great helper on iPhone data recovery, even if is your iPhone suffer from physical damage or other problems.

How Do I Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?

sync contacts from iphone to mac

“I have a lot of contacts information in my iPhone which included contact number, email, birthday details, social messages etc. I wish to backup them on my PC in case I lose it or accidentally delete it. Can you please help? I’m using iPhone 6S and Mac. Thank you for the advice.” -Judy

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