Access And Restore Lost WhatsApp Messages From iPhone Backup


Can I retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages? I’ve accidentally deleted an important message which contain important information on WhatsApp and I did backup. I really need it back. Please help! Whatsapp is a popular instant messaging apps allows text and audio messages, video and voice call, group chatting etc to our family, friends, and workers. Many people will ask “can I retrieve lost whatsapp messages if I accidentally delete it”, like the user above. You may restore your iTunes or iCloud backup but you will erase other data when u just want to restore only whatsapp messages. Therefore, if you don’t want to take the risk, iFonebox is there to help, preview and recover your lost whatapps messages without erase your current data from iPhone backup.

Not to mention that, iFonebox can not only recover deleted whatapps messages from iPhone directly, but support to extract and restore data from iTunes and iCloud backup selectively too. iFonebox is a great data recovery tools that allows you to recover at least 16 types of data from iOS device such as notes, reminders, contacts, wechat contacts, voice memos etc. So basically, this tutorial mainly about extract and retrieve lost whatsapp messages from iPhone backup.

Download and install iFonebox and begin to access and restore your lost whatsapp messages by reading the guide below. iFonebox do support Windows version  and Mac version.

How to access and restore lost whatsapp messages from iPhone backup?

Method 1: Preview and recover lost whatsapp messages from iTunes backup

Step 1: Run the software and scan your backup files
Launch iFonebox and connect your phone via USB cable. Select “Recover from iTunes backup File” on the interface of iFonebox, and you will see your itunes backup files. Click start scan. PS: Please click “select more” if you do not found your backup file on the interface.

Step 2: Scan, preview and recover messages
Scan done > Select “Whatsapp” under “Text Data” column > Preview and select the messages you want to recover and tap “Recover to PC”.


Methods 2: Extract and retrieve lost whatsapp messages from iCloud backup

Step 1: Install, launch the software and sign in iCloud.
Launch iFonebox and connect your phone via USB cable. Select “Recover from iCloud backup” as the recovery mode on the interface of iFonebox. Please log in your apple ID and password before proceed to next step.

Step 2: Download, extract and scan iCloud Backup
Select the backup you want to recover and then click “Download”. You may only select Whatsapp to download during this recovery to shorten the download time. Next, select “Whatsapp” item from downloaded backup files and click start scan.

Step 3: Preview and Restore messages
After scanning, Preview and select the messages you want to recover and tap “Recover to PC”.


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