How To Sync Contacts From iPhone 5s To iPhone 6s ?


I got my new iPhone 6s, quite excited. But I have a problem: how can I sync contacts from my iPhone 5s to new iPhone 6s? I don’t want to input those contacts one by one manually. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. iPhone 6s, iOS 9.  Continue reading

How To Recover Deleted Contacts From iPhone 5s After Update To iOS 9?


Just got some contacts from my iPhone 5s deleted and I was urgent to recover them. I added some news contacts after I updated iPhone 5s to iOS 9, so I cannot make sure whether those deleted contacts are contained in my iTunes backup. Can anyone help? I need to recover those deleted contacts from iPhone 5s, running iOS 9. Thanks in advance.  Continue reading

How Do I Retrieve Pictures From iCloud To iPhone 5S?


I had some photos backed up with my iCloud. Those photos are about my roommates in the university and I meed to retrieve those backed up photos to make a video for them. So can anyone show me how to extract and retrieve those photos from iCloud backup to my iPhone 5S? Any suggestions are appreciated. iPhone 5S, iOS 8.4.1

I received such an email and I think it is quite touching to retrieve those photos from iCloud backup just for a video, which may full of great memories of their university life. Wonderful. Yeah, I offered a method to help her retrieve those pictures from iCloud backup, also, I told her how to retrieve those photos back to her iPhone 5S. (How To Restore Photos From iTunes Backup To iPhone 5?) Continue reading

How To Extract Photos From A Water Damaged iPhone 5S?


Hey,I went in vacation and i had a waterproof case for iPhone 5S. I decided to use it with my iPhone 5s . the screen of the waterproof case started to get some steam so i decided to put my phone in my bag. 5 hours later, i take my phone and it doesn’t work . it has blue lines every where on the screen . so i put in rice for 72 hours but it still makes the same lines. i took at least 100 pictures and i would like to retrieve them. please anybody help please please please

It was supposed to have a nice vacation for this user but unluckily, he just lost all photos because iPhone 5S was water-damaged. We are truly sorry to hear that but there may be chances for this user to extract those photos from his water-damaged iPhone 5SContinue reading

Recover Disappeared Calendar Events From iPhone 5S


I am confused that all my calendars are just disappeared from my iPhone 5S. I don’t know why. Those calendar events are important to me. So can anyone tell me how to recover my disappeared calendar events from iPhone. Thank you very much. iPhone 5S, iOS 8.4.  Continue reading

How To Recover Lost Calendars From iPhone 5S Running iOS 8.4?


Hello, some important calendars from my iPhone 5S were lost. I deleted them by accident. Can anyone tell me how to recover my lost calendars? I have an iPhone 5S running iOS 8.4. I have an iTunes backup before update to iOS 8.4. Is there any method to recover my lost calendars? Help please. Thank you. 

Obviously, here, the question is, how to recover deleted or lost calendars from iPhone 5S running iOS 8.4? Maybe this is not a fresh topic to some of you and some people can solve this problem as easy as a piece of cake. So what will you do when you need to get back your lost calendars? Here, I want to share my own methods to help this user to recover lost calendars from his iPhone 5S with iOS 8.4. Continue reading

Recover Deleted iMessage On iPhone 5S Without Backup


Hi, I’ve accidentally deleted iMessages from my iPhone 5S. Is there anyway to recover them please?  I did a search and lots of answers came up – mostly suggestions using external programmes but I’m finding it hard to follow them, or know if they are safe to download. Maybe there is a way via iCloud? Any help would be SO gratefully received. Thanks! Continue reading

How Do I Find Lost Voice Memos From iPhone 5S?


Hello there, Got a Question?? How do I find or recover lost Voice Memos from my iPhone 5S? Thanks So Much. iPhone 5S

The above was extracted from Apple Community and this iPhone 5S user lost his voice memos from iPhone, he wanted to find and recover them. Voice memos is important to most people for we can use it to record what your manager say when in a conference or the lecture your favorite professor made. But how do you find your lost voice memos from iPhone 5S or other iOS device? I get a method to help you.  Continue reading

How Do I Recover Deleted Voice Memos From iPhone 5S?


It is quite convenient to use voice memo to record important points when you attend a meeting or when you have some good ideas, you can record them with voice memo. But it is always troublesome when you delete some of them accidentally as one iPhone 5S user did. He told me that he got crazy when he deleted an important voice memo by accident. So what do you do to get those lost voice memo back?  Continue reading