iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Preorders Break iPhone 6 Record


Apple has told the media that this year, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus break the record 10 million sales, which  was created by iPhone 6 last September 2014 in the launch week. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus pre-orders started on Saturday at 12:01 AM Pacific. While most iPhone 6s Plus and Rose Gold models are now shipping in 2-3 weeks or later in the U.S., many iPhone 6s models remain available for delivery on September 25, according to MacRumors.

.iPhone 6 VS iPhone 6s–Should You Upgrade To New iPhone?
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Selectively Restore Lost iMessages/SMS After Update iPhone 6 To iOS 9


I got an iPhone 6 and after update to iOS 9, I found some iMessages that archived in my iPhone were lost. I have used iFoneBackup to back up my iPhone 6 before update to iOS 9, so can I extract my lost imessages from the backup file? I just need iMessages. Please help. iPhone 6, iOS 9.  Continue reading

iPhone 6 VS iPhone 6s–Should You Upgrade To New iPhone?


Yesterday, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to the public. Do you hesitate whether you need to update to new iPhone 6s? It seems that there is not much difference between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Here, I got a video to show you whether you should update to new iPhone 6s. Continue reading

How Do I Transfer Videos From My iPhone 6 To iMac?


Every time I plug my iphone 6 to transfer photos and videos to iMac, but only some photos are transferred. But those videos take up more space on my iPhone 6 and I need them to be in my computer. How can I transfer videos from iPhone 6 to iMac? Any help is appreciated. iPhone 6, iOS 8.4.1.  Continue reading

How To Retrieve Deleted Notes From iPhone 6 With iOS 9?


Recently, I have added some new notes to my iPhone 6 and deleted some old notes that I think useful to me. However, I found that several notes linked to the conference points were just deleted. Those deleted notes are quite important to me. Can anyone tell me how to retrieve deleted notes? I have an iTunes backup but I am afraid to erase other data from my iPhone 6. So any good suggestions? iPhone 6, iOS 9. Thanks in advance.  Continue reading

Recover Disappeared Calendar Appointments From iPhone 6


Events that are on my calendar will pop up as a reminder right before the event. I generally click “Close” because there is still some time until the appointment. Then when it’s time for the appointment, I go to my calendar to find the phone number I need to call into, and the appointment has been deleted from my phone. It only seems to be happening to appointments that someone else created and invited me to. I can still see my own appointments I created. I need to recover disappeared calendar appointments from iPhone 6. Thanks. iPhone 6, iOS 8.4  Continue reading

Tips To Recover Lost Photos From iPhone 6 In Recovery Mode


It is always easy to make your iPhone to stuck on Recovery mode or white Apple logo. As iOS 9 is approaching, another wave of such problems is coming. When your iPhone 6 is stuck in Recovery mode, once your use iTunes to exit Recover mode, all data from your iPhone 6 will be erased. But if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for those photos, don’t panic, there’s still chance to get those photos back. Here are tips to recover lost photos from iPhone 6 in recovery mode.  Continue reading

How To Transfer/Copy Contacts Only From iPhone 4 To iPhone 6?


I want to copy all contacts, only contacts from my iPhone 4 to my new iPhone 6. I don’t need to transfer the whole backup to iPhone 6. I have tried to use the sale iCloud ID and sync contacts between iDevice, but it failed. Can anyone tell me how to transfer only contacts from iPhone 4 to new iPhone 6? Thanks.  Continue reading