How Do I Retrieve All Deleted Messages From iPhone 6s Plus?


At one point there was an option in the AT&T app that would allow you to retrieve your deleted messages. It is no longer an option in my app and I desperately need to get all of my old messages back ASAP. I need them all too read with my fiancé because the last time they were all brought up on my phone I swear they were scrambled and the dates were mixed up along with the people the messages said I sent to them. This has caused a severe conflict in my relationship and I desperately need to clear this up before I lose the love of my life. Thank you for your time.  Continue reading

How to Transfer Text Messaegs from iPhone 6s Plus to Mac?


Though SMS text messages can be backed up to iTunes or iCloud, the independent messages item cannot be separated out for reading and printing. You cannot view the text messages unless you restore your iPhone from the previous backup to your iPhone 6s plus. Continue reading

Save iPhone 6s Messages to Computer for Backup Before Restoring from iCloud


I switched from my iPhone 5S to the 6S.  My screen cracked on my new 6S and I went to the Apple Store to get it fixed .They said for the price of the screen they’ll just give me a new phone and swap it So, I backed up my phone in the store to the iCloud back up and restored to the new phone. My text messages were not there. After three representatives we found out that there is nothing I can do except go back to the original five as back up that was three weeks old They even sent me an email from the engineers saying there’s nothing they can do about this. Continue reading

iPhone 6S Has Problem Apple Won’t Discuss – iCloud Backup Errors in iOS 9


Report From Forbes Tech: The launch of new iPhones brings a new generation of iOS that invariably causes some problems to older models, but the latest and greatest iPhones always work perfectly. Some think it’s an upgrade conspiracy, others that issues are inevitable with older hardware. But now this unwritten rule has been broken… Continue reading

iOS 9 iCloud Backups Missing Information: Be Very Cautious about iCloud Restore iPhone 6s


It has been a couple of months after the iOS 9 release and iPhone 6s went on sale. The annoying issue that messages, recent calls and even pictures and Apps settings are gone after an iCloud restore iPhone 6s with iOS 9 installed.. has flooded the Apple Support Forum. Here is a sad story.  Continue reading

Recover Deleted WeChat Voice Messages from iPhone 6s /6s Plus


As one of the most popular instant messenger apps, wechat plays significant role on our life and work. We use wechat to share interesting things with friends and family as well as communicating with coworkers about official issues. Much often than not, we send wechat voice messages much more than text messages for the sake of convenience Continue reading

iPhone Sales Contribute Much To Apple Earnings In the Forth Quatar


Reports from fastcompany: Owing to the excellent performance of iPhone sales, Apple has another insanely profitable quarter. The company published its fourth quarter earnings this afternoon and as expected, it sold an extraordinary number of iPhones and raked in a ton of cash doing it. Continue reading

Back up your iPhone before iOS 9.1 update


Apple’s iOS 9.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been released yesterday and with  new emojis and bug fixes to the company’s new operating system. While you might be tempted to install right away, there is one thing you have to do before installing the latest iOS 9.1 to your iDevice. That is to back up your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus properly.  Continue reading

How to Edit the 3D Touch Shortcut Menus for Messages & FaceTime


If you are unhappy with the options in the 3D Touch shortcut menus, you can edit the choices for a few apps, for example , the Messages and FaceTime. This post is going to show you how to change the contacts that appear when you do a hard press on the app icons and activate the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Continue reading

WhatsApp 2.12.9 Delivers 3D Touch Gestures for iPhone 6S/6S Plus


According to neurogadget,  WhatsApp embraces a new upgrade, one with the build number 2.12.9. The latter delivers 3D Touch gestures which targets the iPhone 6S as well as the iPhone 6S Plus model. WhatsApp’s new update allows users to investigate content such as pictures, links and even videos with the help of the 3D Touch elements such as Pop and Peek. This update is now available for download on the App Store. Continue reading