How Can I Transfer Only Contacts From iTunes Backup To My New iPhone?

I have backed up my old phone to iTunes. Now I can’t get the data transfer to my new iPhone 8. I keep getting error message saying my phone does not have the latest version, but it has what is required. Please help! It drives me crazy.

retrieve only contacts from itunes backup to new phone

Did you lose contacts on your device that you know have to be in one of your iTunes backups? If you back up data on iTunes regularly, it is likely that the photos could be in one of the backups. However, be aware that restoring from a backup is an all or nothing process. You cannot transfer only contacts from iTunes backup to your new iPhone. Any information on your device between now and when the backup was created will be lost. Please take it easy. In this article, we are going to share with you a simple way to retrieve only contacts from iTunes backup to new phone without having to restore the device completely.

iFonebox is designed to get into iTunes/iCloud backups and quickly and easily, extract all existing or even deleted data. The following are some it features:

  • Three independent recovery modes: recover from iOS device, recover from iTunes backup, recover from iCloud backup
  • Can be used to recover up to 17 kinds of data such as photos, videos, notes, voice memos, call records, safari history, WeChat data, WhatsApp data, etc.
  • It’s very easy to use and completely safe
  • Suitable for almost all kinds of iOS versions, including the latest iOS 11
  • The preview function makes it easy to selectively retrieve data

As time goes by, more and more data, including financial and personal information, is being stored on mobile phones. Hence it’s necessary to back your important data up. iFonebox will help you optimize your content, keep them safe and reduce your usage. Compared with iTunes and iCloud, you’re allowed to selectively back them up and view them at any time. At the same time, it’s easy for you to share them with whomever you want.

Here is how you can use iFonebox to separately migrate contacts from iTunes backup to new phone. Before you start the instructions, you should download and install the program on your computer. It has windows version and Mac version, it’s necessary to choose the right one for your computer.

windows-download    mac-download

Step one: Launch iFonebox

Click Recover from iTunes Backup File, you’ll see all backups you have listed in the interface, choose the right backup, then click “Select” button to begin.

iTunes1 500

Step two: Scan data

It will scan automatically after you click the “Contacts” icon, it might take your some time, please wait patiently.


Step three: Recover data

Now you can recover the data you want from backup. Choose the items you want to restore and click “Recover to device”.

contacts 500


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