How To Delete Duplicated Contacts from iPhone?


Have you ever been confused by the duplicated contacts on your iPhone and knows no idea which one to choose while you just want to make a phone call? I truly understand the confusion. Worse still, the duplicated items make the whole address book seemed to be very disorganized and terribly hard to access a particular contact.

To get rid of the disorder and confusion, you need to merge your iPhone contacts and delete the duplicated contacts items. Here in this article, I would like to share a couple of different ways to merge contacts and delete the duplicated contacts items.

 Merge Contacts from iCloud

> Go to and log in with your Apple ID.
> Choose and Click on the Contacts App.
> Select all the duplicated contacts items and then Click on the button for settings which is located at the bottom left corner and hit on the option of “Delete”.
> A pop up window will come up asking you to confirm if you want to delete the selected contacts. Click on “Delete” if you still want to get rid of the contacts.

All the duplicated contacts are cleared finally.

Merge Contacts through Link Contacts on iPhone

On your iPhone, head on to the Contacts app.
>Tap on a particular contact that you would like to merge with others.
> Click on the Edit which is located at the upper right corner.
> Scroll down to the bottom and find an option named “link contacts”.
> Select all the duplicated contacts and click link.
Note: You need to link each duplicated contact one by one manually which is time-consuming.
>Finally, click Done.
All the duplicated contacts are merge under one contact title.

Merge Contacts on iPhone to Gmail

Before getting started, please backup your iPhone for security purposes firstly.

> Plug in your iPhone to your PC and then go to iTunes and choose the Info tab.
> Check “Sync Contacts With” and then choose “Google Contacts” in the drop down menu.
> Click Sync. If you are prompted to enter your Gmail sign-in information, do so and then proceed to the next window. You will see the number of contacts to be added, modified and deleted.
> Click on “Find and Merge duplicates”. Once you do that, all redundant entries will be located by the scanner and their links will be displayed for more details.
> Click “Merge” to combine the duplicates.
> Finally, review the contact list to see if there are still any duplicated entries. It there are, you can merge them manually by going to the main Contact list and then clicking on More Actions, and then Merge Contacts.

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