How To Get Photos Off iPhone or iPad Without iTunes?


If you have large amount of photos stored on your iPhone or iPad and want to transfer all the photos to computer, no matter it is Mac or PC. Actually, there are more than one way to do so and you don’t need iTunes at all. Now I am going to introducer a couple of different ways to transfer photos from iPhone or iPad without using iTunes. 

Transfer Photos Directly With Image Capture and Import Utility 

Regardless of whether you own a PC or a Mac, your computer will recognize your iPhone as a camera when connected. This makes it easy to offload iPhone pictures onto your computer without using iTunes. Here’s how.


Connect your iPhone via USB cable. Open Image Capture and select your device. Mult-select the photos you want to save, choose which folder to save them to, and click Import. You can also choose to Import All.


Connect your iPhone via the USB cable. Autoplay opens with a list of options. Choose Import Pictures and Videos using Windows.

Tag the photos you want to download and click Import.

In the next dialog box, there is an option to erase the photos from your iPhone once they are imported. After the images are imported, a window will pop up showing a folder with the imported photos.

Export Photos with Third Party Utility

The other way to export photos from iPhone or iPad to computer is to scan your iPhone or iPad with third party iPhone data recovery software. iFonebox is such kind of third party iPhone data recovery software that can export the photos selectively to computer. Besides, this iFonebox is available for both Mac OS and Windows users. Now I am going to demonstrate how to extract the photos to computer with iFonebox.

> Install and run iFonebox on your computer.
> Connect your iPhone to your computer.
> Choose Photos to scan selectively by clicking on the icon for Photos app from the interface listing all the supported data types.
> Wait until the data scanning and analyzing completes.
> Preview the exported photos and check all to transfer to your computer by clicking on “Recover to Mac”. If you are using the Windows version, the button should be “Recover to PC”.


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