How To Get Spam Numbers Back Once Deleted From iPhone?


I read a post from Apple forum that “I deleted some annoying spam numbers from my iPhone but now, I need to find them, is there any way to retrieve those deleted spam contacts from my iPhone? Please help.” In a word, how to get spam numbers back once deleted from iPhone?

Indeed, it is quite annoying when receive unknown spam contacts, thus most people will delete or block them to avoid being interrupted. But when you need those deleted spam contacts back, how to retrieve? Is it possible to recover iPhone deleted spam contacts? Luckily, here, we have a method to help you find iPhone deleted spam contacts easily and simply.

When it comes iPhone contacts data recovery, definitely, you need the help from iFonebox, a professional iOS data recovery tool, enabling you to recover deleted contacts from iPhone directly or from iPhone backup selectively. Plus, it is a great helper to help you edit and retrieve deleted contacts back to your iPhone directly, so cool. Other data like text messages, notes, wechat messages, whatsapp messages, etc, are also supportive. Next, I will mainly focus on the instructions to get back iPhone deleted spam numbers.

Before that, it is necessary to download and install iFonebox on your computer firstly. There are two versions accessible: Windows version and Mac version.

How to get spam numbers back once deleted from iPhone?

Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Remember to connect your iPhone to the computer with USB cable. Once connected successfully, iFonebox will detect your iDevice. If it is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC, you need to choose Trust the computer on your iPhone screen. Click Start button to begin.
Scan contacts from iPhone. Now just click on Contacts item to start analysis process. Larger data needs more time. Please be patient.ifonebox-2
Preview and select lost contacts to recover. Now you have the chance to view those scanned contacts and then, select them, click Recover to Device button to transfer all found contacts back to your iPhone directly.recover_iphone_6s_contacts

Finished. In a word, it is pretty convenient to recover deleted spam numbers from iPhone within the help from iFonebox, isn’t it?

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