How to Merge SMS from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6?


“I want to merge my old text messages to my new iPhone 6. I have started using my new 6 which has a number of text messages I want to keep but now I want to transfer old sms from my iPhone 5 (backed up to iTunes 1 hour ago). I know I can restore the 6 from the 5 backup but will this overwrite the new content on the 6? I also see many ways to save the old messages to PC but very little on moving them to the new phone, and again will this overwrite new messages? I’m using Windows 7,the latest iTunes and iOS 8 on the 5.   iPhone 6, iOS 9” 

The long history of text messages you have saved on your iPhone have kept a record of something in your life for a while, so you want to keep them for future memory. Even if you upgrade your iPhone from 5 to 6, you don’t want to lose all the messages, instead, you want to merge all the SMS text messages from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6.

Restoring iPhone 6 from the iTunes or iCloud backup for iPhone 5 will surely overwrite all the messages on your iPhone 6, as the restoring process will replace everything currently on your iPhone 6 with everything stored in iTunes backup for iPhone 5.

Here I would like to introduce a way to merge all the messages from old iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 without losing anything. The secret weapon is a specialized iPhone data recovery software iFonebox which can extract the messages selectively from the iTunes backup of your iPhone 5.  Beside, you’d better make sure both your iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 are running the same version of iOS.

Here is how.

> Install and run iFonebox.
iFonebox is available for both Windows and Mac, please choose the right version to download and install.
> Connect your iPhone 6 to Computer.
> Select the iTunes backup file for your iPhone 5.
> Choose messages to scan selectively by clicking on the icon of Messages from the interface listing all the supported data categories.
>Wait until the data scanning and analyzing completes.
> Preview the exported messages and select what you want to recover to your iPhone by clicking on “Recover to Device”


Note: Please turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone 6 in case that recovering process will fail due to newly incoming text messages.

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