How To Print Text Messaes from iCloud Backup?


It is a great habit to back up iPhone messages to iCloud through creating iCloud backup file on your iPhone. However, there is no more way to manage and export the iPhone text messages from the iCloud backup selectively, let alone printing the text messages from the iCloud backup. The only way to access the messages from the iCloud backup is to restore the entire backup to your iPhone, which causes data overwriting and permanent erasing easily.

Therefore, today I would like to introduce a way to access and print text messages from iCloud backup selectively without worrying about losing anything. iFonebox, as the most renowned third party iPhone data recovery software, can help you export all the iPhone text messages from iCloud backup to computer for printing.

Here are the detailed steps about how to export and print iPhone text messages from iCloud backup selectively.

Before getting started, make sure that you are connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection because you need to download the messages from the iCloud server.

> Install and run iFonebox on your computer.
Note: iFonebox is available for both Windows and Mac, please choose the right version to download and install.
> Choose the recovery mode “Recover from iCloud Backup”.
> Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID which is involved with your iCloud account.
> Choose an iCloud backup from which you want to export the text messages for printing and then click “Download”. The most recent iCloud backup is recommended.
> Choose messages to download selectively from the iCloud backup when a window listing all the supported data types popped up for selecting.
> The downloading process will take a long time if you have a large stock of messages on the iCloud and your Wi-Fi connection is slow.
> After the downloading is finished, you will be brought to an interface listing all the supported data categories.
> Choose messages to scan selectively by clicking on the icon of the Messages App.
> All the text messages will be exported and presented for previewing and selecting.
> Select all the messages items or whatever you need to recover to computer by clicking on “Recover the computer” for printing.
> The exported messages will be recovered to CSV and HTML format, choose whichever format you like to print.

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