How to Recover Data after Setting iPhone to 1970


“I bricked my iphone accidentaly by change time to 1970 jan 1st. What should i do to not lose anything from it? I saw it on a trustful site, so i did it. that was a horrible mistake. it really outrageous. pls someone help what should i do?  iPhone 6s, iOS 9.2.1” 

Though most trustful technology press has warned that never try to set the time of your iPhone to 1970, there are always curious users who want to have a try without considering the consequences. Now the iPhone has been bricked, what about all the data saved on your iPhone? You are desperate for a way to recover the data after your iPhone has been bricked by setting the time to 1970. Well, fortunately, there is a solution to retrieve the data including contacts, notes, messages, voice memos, photos and wechat messages etc from the bricked iPhone.

As long as you have iTunes backup file for your iPhone, it is possible to export the contacts, notes, messages, and photos etc from the iTunes backup file a third party specialized iPhone data recovery software. Here in this post I would like to introduce iFonebox, as it is the most renowned and easy-to-use one.

Below are the detailed steps about how to recover the data from bricked iPhone after setting to 1970.

> Install and run iFonebox on your computer.
Note: iFonebox is available for both Windows and Mac version, please choose the right version to download and install.
> Choose the recovery mode of “Recover from iTunes Backup”.
> Select an iTunes backup file from the list, if you cannot find the iTunes backup file for your bricked iPhone from the list , please click “Select more” to browse your computer.
> Choose a data category that you would like to recover, or simply click “Recover All” to export all the supported data types to your computer.
Note: If you choose to recover all the supported data categories, you can browse your computer to define a destination folder for the exported data.
> Wait until the data recovering and exporting process is finished.
> All the exported data will be exported and transferred to your computer after the recovering process is completed.


You can head on to the destination folder to view the exported data now.

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