iPhone 5 Stolen: How to Recover Data from Lost/Stolen iPhone

Get your iPhone 5 stolen or lost? Stay calm. This article tells you how to rescue the data on your stolen iPhone 5 in different ways. Read on to learn it below. 
Part 1: Find Your Lost/Stolen iPhone 5 As Soon As Possible 

As an iPhone user, you must know about Find My iPhone, which is specially designed for tracing a lost iPhone. As long as your Find My iPhone is turned on on your iPhone 5 and it’s connected to the internet, you’ll be able to find the current location of your iPhone 5. Here is how:

Steps to find your lost/stolen iPhone 5 

1. Visit http://iCloud.com/find.
2. Sign in your iCloud account using Apple ID.
3. Click on the Find My iPhone button.
4. Choose Locate an iPhone device if you have set up more than one iOS device.
5. Your lost/stolen iPhone’s location will show on the map if your device is online.
6. If your iPhone 5 is offline, you can set an option to receive an email whenever your iPhone 5 is connected to the Internet.

Note: There are lots of apps that can help to locate an iPhone’s location once you’ve installed it on your iPhone 5. So if you’ve used other apps instead of Find My iPhone, you also can find your iPhone 5 through it, according to its user guide.

Part 2: Recover stolen iPhone 5 Data from Backup 

If you can’t find back your iPhone 5, You still have chance to get back the data on your iPhone 5, suck as iTunes backup. If you plan to continue use an iPhone, it’ll be much easier. You only need to directly restore the whole backup to your new iPhone via iTunes.

If you want to switch to an Android phone or just want to extract Part of the data from backup, this doesn’t work. You can use a iOS data recovery tool to extract the iTunes backup and get data out of it, like iFonebox (windows) or iFonebxo (Mac). It allows you to preview and selectively recover whatever you want from iTunes backup. You can finish the process in only 2 steps: scan and recover. Details see how to quickly recover data from stolen iPhone with iFonebox

What kind of data can be found from the lost/stolen iPhone with iFonebox: 

Text Contents: Messages (SMS, iMessages & MMS), Contacts, Call history, Calendar, Notes, Reminder, Safari bookmark, etc.
Media Contents: Camera Roll (video & photo), Photo Stream, Photo Library, Message attachment, Voice memo,etc

You also can read more detailed user guide about how to recover lost data from an iPhone for various file types. Just choose the one you want below and click on it.

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