How To Recover Deleted WeChat Messages From iPhone 6?


Nowadays, WeChat has become more and more popular just as iMessages, WhatsApp. So far, it is the largest standalone messaging app by monthly active users. People use WeChat to contact as well as making new friends. So when some important WeChat messages are deleted, how to recover those lost WeChat messages? 

Now Auntec iFonebox has released a new version 2.1.3 which supports to recover deleted or lost WeChat messages from your iPhone 6 or other iOS Device. If you need this version, you can download and install it: Windows version. The Mac Version which supports to find lost WeChat messages is still under test. It will come soon. Next, I will focus on how iFonebox can help you recover deleted WeChat messages from iPhone 6.

Tips: when you find WeChat messages are deleted or lost on your iDevice, the first thing I think you need to do is Go to Settings > Turn on Airplane mode, which will protect your data from being erased or overwritten. Then, you can use iTunes/iCloud or iFoneBackup to make a full-scale backup for your iDevice.

As is known that iFonebox is powerful enough to recover deleted data like contacts, iMessages, notes, and more from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Also, it supports to extract and restore lost data from your iTunes or iCloud backup. Now, the new version of iFonebox added to recover deleted or lost WeChat contacts as well as WeChat messages from your iDevice. Plus, WeChat attachments is also able to be retrieved if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for them. Now, I want to share steps to recover deleted WeChat messages from iPhone with iFonebox. Here we go.

How to recover deleted WeChat messages from iPhone 6? 

Undoubtedly, you have to download and install iFonebox for Windows on your computer. Mac version is coming soon.

  1. Launch iFonebox. Choose Recover from iOS Device mode. Please connect your iPhone to the computer.
  2. Scan WeChat messages from iPhone. Click WeChat icon to start scanning.
  3. Preview and select deleted WeChat messages to recover.



  • At present, iFonebox can only recover your deleted or lost WeChat messages to your computer instead of iDevice.
  • If you have an iTunes or iCloud backup for your deleted WeChat messages, you can also choose Recover from iTunes/iCloud backup to get back lost WeChat messages.

In short, it is quite convenient and professional to use iFonebox to recover deleted WeChat messages from iPhone 6 or other iOS devices.

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