How to Restore iPhone 6s Photos Deleted By Restoring from iCloud Backup


Many people have been plagued with the iCloud restore bug, however, things are getting worse. Except for losing recent alls and messages after restoring from iCloud backup, some of our customers who use iPhone 6s contacted us and reported us sadlly that they have lost all or some of the photos after the iCloud restore in addition to the empty call history and messages.

AppleInsider admits it has verified the problem through its own tests and end result of data loss is undisputed, the exact cause of it is less clear.Whatever, the urgent thing is to restore iPhone 6s photos deleted by restoring from iCloud backup. And fortunately there are different ways you can try.

Restore from iTunes Backup

If you are lucky enough to have an iTunes backup for your iPhone 6s, you can try restoring your iPhone 6s from iTunes backup. Here is how.

Connect your iPhone 6s to your computer;
Launch iTunes on your computer;
Locate and click the icon for your iPhone 6s after it is recognized;
Click “Restore Backup”.


If the iTunes backup file does include the photos you have lost due to the iCloud restore, you are supposed to be able to restore the lost photos to your iPhone 6s successfully.

Recover Lost Photos from iCloud

If you have enabled the “Photo Stream” or the “iCloud Photo Library”. You can download all the synced photos from iCloud.

Log in to
Click “Photos” to see whether the photos you want are there.
Click to choose photos you want to download they are there.
Or you can check your other iOS devices which have been synced to the same iCloud account to get back the photos lost while restoring from iCloud backup.


Back up your Old iPhone and Scan the Backup File Selectively

If you have ever backed your iPhone 6s before and have no available iTunes backup file. You can download a free iPhone backing up software iFoneBackup to back up your old iPhone and then scan the backup file with third party iPhone data recovery software iFonebox. Here is how.

Install and run the iFoneBackup.
Connect your iPhone 6s to your computer.
Click “Back Up Now after iPhone 6s is detected.

The backing up will take quite a while depending on how much data you have, please wait for a while.

Then scan the backup file with iFonebox. I am not going to talking about the details about how to restore from the backup file created with iFoneBackup. You can refer to the post about how to restore lost data from iTunes backup. The only difference is that you need to click  “Select more “ to locate the backup file.

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