How To Save Received Audio with WhatsApp on iPhone?


“I’ve been sent a couple of audio recordings taken at our choir rehearsal, so that I can send them to the rest of the choir by email. Problem is that they sent me the audio clips by Whatsapp, and I don’t find a way to save such clips to any other place of the iPhone (GoodReader included), nor to forward the files by email. Is there any way of getting these clips out of Whatsapp? Thanks a lot if you’ve some idea!!”  

If you have received a couple of audio files through WhatsApp and want to save them off WhatsApp for transferring or sharing, you may be frustrated to find out that WhatsApp stores audio files within its own isolated app storage, which cannot be accessed by other apps on any iPhone or iPad. Does it mean that there is no way at all to get the audio clips out of the WhatsApp on your iPhone? Definitely not. Here in this post I would like to introduce a couple of ways to save the received whatsapp audio files on iPhone.

Save WhatsApp Audio to Google Drive and Synchronize through iTunes

> From Whatsup just put a star on the audio file;
> Go to settings and select starred messages;
>press Edit on the top right corner;
>select the song and save it into google drive;
> Open google drive onto your computer and select the audio file;
> Right click and download it;
> It will open in itunes;
> Synchronize it with you iphone.

Save to and Download WhatsApp Audio from Email

> Download the audio from whatsapp;
> Find and click an option of forwarding the audio;
> Choose forward by e-mail among the two options, to mail it and forward by whatsapp;
> Choose your own e-mail and send it to yourself;
> Go to your mail.
> Open the mail that you sent to yourself.
> Download the audio from there and wait till it loads completely.

Extract WhatsApp Audio File with Third Party Utility

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, there is a piece of third party iPhone data recovery software named iFonebox which is capable of exporting the audio files received with WhatsApp on iPhone selectively and transfer to computer. Here is how.

> Install and run iFonebox on your computer.
Note: iFonebox is available for both Windows and Mac, please choose the right version to download and install.
Connect your iPhone 6 plus to your computer.
Click Start after your iPhone is recgonized by iFonebox.
Note: If your iPhone is not recognized by iFonebox, please make sure that iPhone is plugged in properly and you have trusted your computer on your iPhone.
> Choose WhatsApp Attachments to scan selectively by clicking on the icon of WhatsApp attachments from the interface listing all the supported data categories.
> After the data scanning and analyzing process is finished, all the attachments will be presented for previewing. You can find the audio files through by clicking the tab “ thumbnails”.
> Select the audio files you wan to save and recover to computer by hitting “Recover to Computer”.
> After the recovering is completed, you will be brought to the destination folder where the audio files are recovered and located.

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