How To Transfer Notes From Old iPhone To A New One Without Losing Data?

My iPhone 6 suddenly stopped working. So I got a new iPhone 7, I started using it and has many things in it. But some days ago I found that the old iPhone would only work if it was plugged to the power. I want to move the information from old iPhone to new iPhone without losing the information in the new iPhone.

 migrate notes between two iOS devices without any data loss

How to transfer notes from old iPhone to a new one? According to the tradition method, you basically back up your old one, then as you set up the new one, you will have a choice to set up as new or restore from backup. Choose to restore from backup and restore from the backup you just made and your new device will be a near clone of the old one. The problem with that is that it will erase all of the data currently on the new phone. The key is often to have enough time. If you have a lot of data, the setup process can take hours.

Does the only way to migrate notes between two iOS devices is to restore the new phone from a backup of the old one? Actually, it’s not that hard and you can certainly do it yourself with ease. There’s a third-party tool called iFonebox can help you merge that data together. Let’s take a brief look at its main features:

  • It’s completely safe and very easy to use
  • The progress can be done in a while by just a few chicks
  • Suitable for almost all kinds of iOS devices and iOS operating systems
  • The preview function allows you to mark the target data that you really need
  • Can be used to recover data directly from device if you don’t have any backup file
  • It’s also good at extracting data from iTunes/ iCloud backup

Before we start the instructions, you need to download the application to your computer. iFonebox has two available versions: Windows version and Mac version. Please make sure to install the right version for your computer. Once you have installed the program, next I will show you how to move notes from one iPhone to another and no data would be lost.

windows-download     mac-download

Step one: Launch iFonebox

Click Recover from iTunes Backup File, you’ll see all backups you have listed in the interface, choose the right backup, then click “Select” button to begin.


Step two: Scan data

It will scan automatically after you click the “Notes” icon, it might take your some time, please wait patiently.


Step three: Recover data

Now you can recover the data you want from backup. Choose the items you want to restore and click the “Recover to device”.

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