iPhone XS Has Very Poor Cellphone Signal? Fixed!

My iPhone XS has very poor cellphone signal! Getting really bad signal or no signal in places where my iPhone 6s had no problem. Are there any issues we should know about or fixes? We’ve tried turning it off and on multiple times with no effect. Help please!

Plenty of iPhone XS users are saying they’re getting bad cell signal strength, and many are complaining that the older iPhone worked much better. It’s really frustrating and annoying if you see no service or unable to connect to a cellular network. If you’re also surfing from this, the following tips may help you.

  • Method one: Restart your iPhone XS

iphone xs signal problem can be solved

Step one: Go to Settings > General> Shut Down.

Step two: After your device turns off, press and hold the Side button again until you see the Apple logo.

  • Method two: Make sure that you are in an area with cellular network coverage then turn on your cellular data

Go to Settings, then tap Cellular or Mobile Data.

  • Method three: Take out the SIM card then put it back in, or change another SIM card

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You should make sure that your SIM card is intact. And you should use only use the SIM tray that came with your device. For instance, a SIM tray from an iPhone 6s will not fit in an iPhone XS.

  • Method four: Reset your Network Settings.

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Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings that you’ve used before, but would not erase any other files like texts, notes, photos, etc. on your device.

  • Method five: Update your iPhone XS to the latest iOS 12.1.4 version

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iOS 12.1.4 includes bug fixes for your iPhone and iPad. It provides important security updates, moreover, it brings performance improvements and exciting new features.

Note: You’d better back up your important data up before the upgrade in case of data loss. Here we recommend you that use iFonebox to transfer specific data from your device to your computer.

  • Method six: Contact your carrier for help

Sometimes, issues with your carrier or account might affect your service too. You should contact your carrier to make sure that your account is not limited and your device isn’t blocked from receiving cellular services.

  • Method seven: Contact Apple for help

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If you tried all of these steps and none of them work, you can contact apple for help.

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