What Are the Differences Between iMessages and Messages?


As a new iOS user, you may have no idea of the difference between iMessages and regular texts or SMS messages? New iPhone users that can’t differentiate between iMessages and SMS messages can acquire extra charges to their monthly smartphone bills, because they might end up sending SMSes or MMSes instead of iMessages. Continue reading

Apple Will Start Charging for iTunes Radio on January 28th


Apple just sent out an email alerting customers that iTunes Radio, the company’s answer to Pandora, will no longer be free as of January 28th. “All radio stations except for Beats 1 will be available exclusively to Apple Music members,” the message reads. So listening to Zane Lowe and Apple’s other hired DJs will still cost nothing. Continue reading

Apple Will Make Tool to Let iPhone Users Easily Transfer Data to Android


Apple launched a Move to iOS app in September, pictured, that enables Android users to quickly transfer documents, photos, contacts and other personal data to a new iPhone. This eases the pain for Android users to switch to iOS, which clearly benefits Apple. Interestingly, the Telegraph is reporting that Apple is now developing a similar tool that goes in the opposite direction, letting iPhone users more easily transfer to Android devices. Continue reading

iPhone 6c to Boast Larger Battery Than iPhone 5s, 2GB of RAM


Though Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone will sport the same screen size as the iPhone 5s, it will feature a number of internal improvements, including more RAM, a faster A9 processor, and a larger battery, according to a new report. Continue reading

Man sues Apple for wiping his photos and contacts after iPhone reset


Report from neowin:  Our gadgets can sometimes go wrong, and may even need to be taken to a repair center for a fix. And in times like these, it’s important to back up all of one’s data, in the event that the handset will be wiped. But in the case of a pensioner, this important step was not taken, leading to loss of data, and a lawsuit against Apple. Continue reading

Apple Is Decorating Bill Graham Civic Auditorium For Sept 9 Event


Not long ago, it was rumored that the Sept 9 event would be held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco and now, Apple is decorating Bill Graham Civic Auditorium just ahead the Sept 9 events. As shared by several Twitter and Instagram users, signs with the Apple logo are beginning to go up, and several Apple-branded flags are flying, according to MacRumorsContinue reading