Can I Recover iPhone Lost Contacts If Without Backup?


How to recover iPhone lost contacts if without any backup? As a common knowledge that it is quite easy to retrieve lost or deleted contacts from iPhone if with an iTunes or iCloud backup. But what about no backup for those deleted contacts on iPhone? Is it likely to get back lost contacts to iPhone? Definitely yes. Just keep reading and more details will be shown below.  Continue reading

How To Get Spam Numbers Back Once Deleted From iPhone?


I read a post from Apple forum that “I deleted some annoying spam numbers from my iPhone but now, I need to find them, is there any way to retrieve those deleted spam contacts from my iPhone? Please help.” In a word, how to get spam numbers back once deleted from iPhone?

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Lost Contacts Suddenly On iPhone 6s, How To Get Back?


Hi , i just noticed that i lost new contacts (around 3 months back)  suddenly now on iPhone 6s+ iOS 9.3.4 , what is the reason and unfortunately i connected the iPhone to check for older backup , i cannot find except today backup , how can i get back my iPhone 6s lost contacts? Please help me, thanks.  Continue reading