Recover Self Deleted Contacts From iPhone 6s With iOS 11


3 days ago I got up in the morning and my iPhone was working fine – everything as it should be. Half an hour later and all of my contacts have deleted them selves. Every single one. So I’ve tried to restore from my last back up but it wont let me – my pc tells me first I have to turn off Find my iPhone on my devise, but when i put my password in to do that my phone keeps saying that it cant connect to iCloud. Can you help me recover self deleted contacts? iPhone 6s with iOS 11  Continue reading

Recover Lost Contact Numbers From iPhone After Erase Data


It would be a huge disaster when erase all data from iPhone without awareness. What’s the most important is the data like contacts from it. Without contact numbers, we will lose all connections with our friends, colleagues. Thus, is it possible to recover lost contact numbers from iPhone after erase data?  Continue reading

How To Recover Disappeared Contacts From iPhone 8?


How do I recover lost contacts from iPhone 8? Contacts means a lot to us. With them, we can contact our friends or colleagues for work. Without them, it feels like be separated from the society? Thus, whenever the reasons are, you need to retrieve disappeared contacts from your iPhone? But how to get them back?  Continue reading

Retrieve Missing Contacts From iPhone 8/7 Due To Apple ID Changed


We received such an email which said “My friend has changed his Apple ID and all his contacts have disappeared…can someone tell me how to retrieve them?? iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.3“. So can you offer methods here to help him retrieve missing contacts from iPhone 7 because of Apple ID changed?  Continue reading

Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone 5S on Mac

“I accidentally deleted my contacts as I was trying to turn off streaming to iCloud. I had just recently backed up my iPhone 5s on this computer. But I don’t know whether it backup successfully how do I see what I backed up? Is there a way to recover the deleted contacts on my iPhone 5S?”  Continue reading