iFonebox helps you get back deleted messages conversation on iPhone

“So it seems I’ve accidentally deleted an entire message conversation with one of my contacts on my iPhone 5S. Can anyone tell me if or how to get it back? I held touch on a message and clicked on ‘more’, when on the left some tick buttons popped up. I was wanting to select only a couple of messages – which I did – and then hit ‘delete all’ , not realizing that I’ve actually deleted the entire message conversation history with this contact. Is there any way to recover deleted message conversion on my iPhone? I wish there was some sort of undo function here.” Continue reading

Recover Deleted SMS/Text messages on iPhone 6/5/5S/4S

“Last night I inadvertently deleted a very critical message conversation on my iPhone 5, is it possible to recover deleted SMS messages with no backup?”

“I want to know whether the wrongly deleted text messages on iPhone5s can be retrieving back. It seems that I haven’t updated my iTunes backup for a couple of weeks. Your suggestions will be appreciated, thanks in advance.” Continue reading