Restore Missing Call Logs After Update To iOS 10.3

get back disappeared call history on ios 10.3

After upgrading my iPhone 6s to iOS 10.3, my recently call histories disappeared. And my iPhone had an issue that stopped me from restoring my call histories from my backup. So how can I get back my missing call history from my device directly?

After updating to the latest iOS 10.3, some of the iPad or iPhone users may encounter this kind of problem about call logs missing, which may drive you crazy especially there are some important incoming calls, outgoing calls or missed calls that you haven’t save them in your contact apps. At this moment, a lots of questions come to your mind, like how to restore missing call logs, where can I retrieve lost call logs, ways to get back disappeared call history on iOS 10.3, etc. Therefore, in this post, we talk about how to restore missing call logs after iPhone upgrade to iOS 10.3.

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About iPhone call history recovery, normally, you’re advised to restore your iTunes/iCloud backup files that you’ve made before. But if you face the similar situation like the user above, do not have any backups before the call history missing, you will never get them back. Luckily, some iOS data recovery programs were invented to solve this issue. In this guide, we will recommend you an excellent iOS data recovery program – iFonebox, which helps you to restore your missing call logs directly from your iPhone/iPad after upgrade to iOS 10.3 without any backup.

A Brief Introduction of iFonebox

  • Safe, secure and easy to use iOS data recovery program.
  • Built up with 3 recovery modes which are from iOS device, iTunes Backup Files, iCloud Backup Files
  • Able to recover up to 16 types of data from iOS device, including missing call logs/call histories.
  • Supports extract and retrieve data from iTunes and iCloud backup files selectively, which means that you do not need to retrieve the whole backup files when you only need to recover your call logs.
  • Recover lost data when iPhone screen broken, stuck on Apple logo, water damaged, factory reset etc.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac system.

How To Restore Missing Call Logs After Update To iOS 10.3?
If you haven’t make any iTunes/iCloud backup earlier before you update your iPad/iPhone to iOS 10.3, you can follow the detailed steps below on your iPad/iPhone directly from device.

Download and install iFonebox. Get iFonebox for your PC or Mac. Click on the version you preferred and begin the download.
free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Launch iFonebox. Select “Recover from iOS device” on the homepage of iFonebox, connect your phone via USB cable, bear in mind that, you need to tap “Trust the computer” on your iPhone screen if it is the first time to connect your iPhone to PC. Next step is to click “Start” to scan your iPhone/iPad.

Scan “Call History” from iPhone. When you on the interface of iFonebox, you need to select “Call History” under “Text Data” and begin the scanning process.

Preview and Select. After scan done, you can select “Only display the deleted items” to filter your results if you are looking for deleted call history. After done select, just click “Recover to PC”. iFonebox will export the call log in both CSV and HTML format.

Is it simple to get back disappeared call logs even if you don’t have backup via iFonebox? If you have an iTunes or iCloud backup, you may select “Recover from iTunes Backup File” or “Recover from iCloud Backup file” mode in order to find and recover your deleted call logs with the help of iFonebox.

How To Retrieve lost WhatsApp Messages From iPhone 6 On My Laptop?

recover deleted iphone whatsapp messages on laptop

“My 4 years old son has deleted all my WhatsApp messages unconsciously when he is playing my iPhone. Any ways to get back all the iPhone WhatsApp messages? I’m not sure I’ve backup or not, but I need them back urgently. Your advise will be much appreciated. Thank you. I’m using iPhone 6 with iOS 10.2.1.” –Nick

As one of the most convenient and popular social network apps, WhatsApp is now playing such an important role in people’s daily life which allow us keeping in touch with our family, friends, colleagues easily. However, it’s easy for us to tap on wrong option and delete all or some iPhone WhatsApp messages mistakenly. Many iPhone WhatsApp users may ask question about iPhone WhatsApp messages recovery. In this post you are currently reading will introduce you several ways to retrieve lost WhatsApp messages. Keep reading to learn how to recover deleted iPhone whatsApp messages even if you have backup or not.

If you have or don’t have backup on your iPhone WhatsApp messages, you still can get back iPhone WhatsApp messages from laptop by using third-party iPhone data recovery software. In here, iFonebox is strongly recommended for you to retrieve lost WhatsApp data. iFonebox is a professional and yet user-friendly iOS data recovery software which allows u to recover deleted WhatsApp messages, as well as WhatsApp attachments. It enables you to retrieve lost WhatsApp messages directly from iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or extract from iTunes/iCloud backup files. iFonebox not only supports on iPhone WhatsApp data recovery, but also allows to recover up to 16 data such as Wechat data, notes, reminders etc. However, this post will mainly guide you on how to get back iPhone WhatsApp messages from laptop by using iFonebox.

It is necessarily for you to download iFonebox on your PC, laptop or Mac before we begin. There are 2 versions available, just tap on the supported version of your PC and begin the download.
free-download-for-win free-download-for-mac

Part 1: Retrieve Lost WhatsApp Messages Without backup
Run the software. You are required to select “Recover from iOS device” after you launch the software with your phone connected via USB cable. If this is the first time you connect your iPhone to this PC, don’t forget to tap “Trust the computer” on your iPhone screen before we proceed to next step. Next is click “Start” to begin.

Scan your iPhone. Select the “WhatsApp” under “Text Data” column and start to scan. PS: the scanning process will take a little bit longer if you having lots of data in your WhatsApp. Just need to be patient.
win-recover-from-ios-device-whatsapp attachment

Preview and recover. After scanning done, you are able to preview the messages, you can select those WhatsApp messages you want to retrieve and tap on “Recover to PC” button. Then those WhatsApp messages will be successfully recover to your laptop.

Part 2: Recover Deleted iPhone WhatsApp Messages From iPhone backup files
iTunes backup
Run the software and scan your backup files. Launch iFonebox and connect your phone via USB cable.  Select “Recover from iTunes backup File” on the interface of iFonebox, and you will see your itunes backup files. Click start scan. PS: Please click “select more” if you do not found your backup file on the interface.

Scan, preview and recover messages. Scan done > Select “WhatsApp” under “Text Data” column > Preview and select the messages you want to recover and tap “Recover to PC”.

iCloud backup
Launch the software and sign in iCloud. Launch iFonebox and connect your phone via USB cable. Select “Recover from iCloud backup” as the recovery mode on the interface of iFonebox. Please log in your apple ID and password before proceed to next step.

Download, extract and scan the selected iCloud Backup. Select the backup you want to recover and then click “Download”. You may only select WhatsApp to download during this recovery to reduce the download time. Next, select “WhatsApp” item from downloaded backup files and click start scan.

Preview and Restore messages. After scanning, Preview and select the messages you want to recover and tap “Recover to PC”.

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