Why Can’t I Delete the Photo Albums on iPhone 5 on Mac?


“My phone storage is full because when syncing iPhone 5 to my Mac (10.10.5) it loaded 6.3GB of photos to my phone.  I tried changing sync settings in iTunes but the photos are still on my phone. I do not get an option to delete albums when I go to photos>albums>edit.  What am I missing here?  iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)” Continue reading

How to Transfer Contacts from Macbook to iPhone?


Is there any straightforward way to sync the contacts from Macbook to iPhone? There are a lot of people are trying to seek a solution to transfer contacts from Macbook to iPhone on the Apple support forum. Actually it is easy enough to sync contacts from Mac computer to iPhone and there are a couple of different ways. Continue reading

How To Transfer iPhone Calendar to Mac?


As the one of the core pre-installed apps, calendar plays important role in our daily life and keeps track of what we are going to do and when we are going to finish. It schedules our work and life and we cannot live without it. We need to safeguard the iPhone calendar against accidental deleting or missing. The best and most direct way is to transfer the iPhone calendar to Mac computer for alternative backup. But how? Continue reading