The 5 Biggest iPhone X Annoyances And How To Fix Them


 5 biggest iphone x issues and how to fix themAny followers out there, who have iPhone X, have any trouble with Face ID in different lighting conditions? I understand low light issues, I can’t get it to work at all in sunlight or bright lighting conditions…

Let’s take a look at the iPhone X’s biggest annoyances and how you can work around them.

  1. Face ID seems to be delayed

When you tap or raise the iPhone, or press the wake button on the side, you see a little padlock near the top of the screen. After your face is recognized, the lock opens — which takes a second or two — allowing you to swipe up and get to work.

  1. Face ID doesn’t work when my phone is on a table

Solution: If you spend most of your time at a desk, there’s a pretty good fix for this problem, one that kills two birds with one stone: Get a Qi charging stand. Not a charging pad, mind you, which keeps your phone sitting flat, but a stand. That way you can position the phone so it’s facing your face, and therefore much easier to unlock.

  1. Notifications are hidden by default

This is a security feature, enabled by default, and some would say it’s a smart one. But it can also be incredibly annoying. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to toggle off. Just tap Settings > Notifications > Show Previews, then choose Always. Remember that after doing so, your notifications will appear with previews even when your phone is locked.

  1. I miss the Home button!

To enable it, tap Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch, then toggle it on. To customize the aforementioned pop-up menu, tap Customize Top Level Menu.

  1. The old ways of doing things don’t work anymore!

There’s no longer a Home button, certain functions have been rejiggered and/or relocated. Here’s a quick primer:

  • Turn off the phone: Press and hold either volume button and the sleep/wake button for about two seconds. You’ll feel the phone vibrate and then see an onscreen menu that includes the old “Slide to power off” slider.
  • Reset the phone: Press volume-up, then volume-down, then press and hold the wake button until the Apple logo appears. (Then release that button.) You have to do all this in fairly rapid succession: press-press-hold.
  • Take a screenshot: Simultaneously press and release the volume-up and wake buttons.
  • Invoke Siri: Press and hold the wake button for about two seconds.

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