The Official Service Is Also Available To iPhone Users Who Use Third-party Batteries!

Part one: Apple allows service provides to repair iPhone with third-party battery!

 apple allows service provides to repair iphone with third-party battery

With the comparison of third-party repairs, Apple’s service are generally quite expensive. Therefore a significant number of iOS users tend to take the risk of taking their devices to third-party repairs for inspection. In keeping with tradition, Apple declined service to users who had replaced their batteries themselves or by third-party repairs.

But according to a foreign media reporter called MacRumors, an internal apple document obtained from a trusted source shows that iPhones now equipped with third-party batteries can also enjoy after-sales service at apple’s genius bar or authorized service store. The repair policy will take effect on Thursday and apply globally. But one thing to note is that Apple will still deny iPhone services that use third-party motherboards, microphones, Lightning connectors, headphone jack, volume and sleep/wake buttons, TrueDepth sensor arrays, and other components.

Part two: Some tips to maximize your battery life

  • Always make sure your device is using the latest version of iOS
  • Use Low Power Mode to save battery life
  • Avoid exposing your device to extreme ambient temperatures
  • Take your device out of its case when charging
  • Turn on auto-brightness to save power
  • Keep Wi-Fi on your device at all times instead of cellular data
  • Turn off the feature that allows apps to refresh in the background
  • Turn off Location Services for the app
  • Turn off push notifications for the app
  • Turn on Airplane mode when you are in a poor cell coverage area

Part three: Is it possible to get lost iPhone data back due to the battery replacement?

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