These New Functions In WeChat Are What I Want!

As an easy-to-use messaging and calling social media App, it enables us to chat and make calls with friends, read news and use local services in official accounts and mini programs, play games with friends, enjoy mobile payment features with WeChat Pay, and much more. It’s more than a program, it’s a life lifestyle for one billion users across the world. Nowadays, WeChat is widely used and we are becoming symbiotic with it. In my opinion, the functions in WeChat is not very perfect and I’m looking forward to some new features.

need these new features in wechat

  1. A prompt for payment

If a friend borrows money from you and forgets to pay it back, will it be embarrassing to recover arrears? In this case, if the WeChat system has an automatic repayment reminder function, so that you can get out of this awkward situation.

  1. No limit to the number of emoji

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At present, WeChat images have a maximum storage capacity of 300, but sometimes we want to save too many interesting emojis. A large number of emojis can promote communication among friends, colleagues and family members.

  1. Add “delete me from his/her friends list” option

When you tries to chat with someone, only to find out that you have been deleted by him/her. What an embarrassing thing it is!

  1. Add “the recently deleted contacts list”

For instance, you delete your boyfriend, but you regret it, then you can apply to add him by clicking on his avatar from the list. Therefore, this feature effectively avoids this awkward situation.

  1. You can delete the dialog box, but keep the chat

It is not uncommon for many iOS users to accidentally delete messages or videos from WeChat. Losing important files can be quite disturbing and the repercussions can turn terrible in some cases.

Note: The worse thing is that many of the unlucky users had not backed up their WeChat content with iTunes or iCloud. Fortunately, the contemporary world has made it rather plain sailing by offering a variety of good recovery option. Here we are going to recommend you a professional and reliable iOS data recovery software called iFonebox to help you undelete WeChat messages from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch directly.

I think the vision of these new features reflects what many people really want for WeChat. But when and how that might come, it is left to WeChat. Which new feature you will like to see in WeChat?

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